If a Scavenger Hunt Item has a status of ‘Open’ we are still accepting photo submissions for that item.  It is at the discretion of Gardening Know How to mark a Scavenger Hunt Item as ‘Closed’ once they have received a photo that, in their judgment, best meets the criteria for that item and meets a standard of quality suitable for web publication.  Photos can be submitted with the tag #gkhpichunt via Gardening Know How’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  If you do not participate in social media networks, you may also e-mail the photo to with the subject line “Scavenger Hunt”.  By submitting a photo, you acknowledge that the photo is original and that you hold all rights to the work.  Each scavenger hunt item in the list below links to an article that will provide many clues about the photo we are seeking.

The photographer ultimately chosen in each category will receive a $25 gift certificate to one of the following five seed retailers of their choice: Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company, Burpee, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Jung Seed or Seed Savers Exchange!  In addition, the chosen photos will also be featured, and credited, in an upcoming article on the Gardening Know How website!

Please bookmark this page as new Scavenger Hunt Items will be routinely added to this page.  We will feature one of the items in the scavenger hunt list below in a weekly blog post.

Category Item Open Scavenger Hunt For That Item
Disease Fungus/Bacteria Artillery fungus
Disease Fungus/Bacteria Blackleg disease
Disease Fungus/Bacteria Cotton root rot
Disease Fungus/Bacteria Downy spot
Disease Fungus/Bacteria Tip blight on plant (only new growth dies)
Disease Fungus/Bacteria Viroid disease
Disease Fungus/Bacteria Plant with White Leaf Spot
Fruit Algerian Melon Algerian Melon
Fruit Apple Apple Cork Spot
Fruit Apricot Apricots Cracking
Fruit Apricot Apricot pit burn
Fruit Avocado Sunblotch in avocado plants
Fruit Avocado Bud Mites on Avocado Trees
Fruit Avocado Propagating Avocado from Cuttings
Fruit Banana Melon Banana Melon
Fruit Black Heart Pomegranate Black heart pomegranate
Fruit Blackberry Redberry mites
Fruit Blueberry Witches broom on blueberry plants
Fruit Cassabanana Cassabanana
Fruit Chelsea Watermelon Chelsea watermelon
Fruit Citrus Fruit Citrus Fruit Brown Rot
Fruit Golden Midget Watermelon Golden midget watermelon
Fruit Grapes Grape Bud Mites
Fruit Grapes Split grapes
Fruit Grapes Grapes with grapevine yellows disease
Fruit Irish Grey Watermelon Irish Grey Watermelon
Fruit Kiwi Kiwi Vines Turning Yellow or Brown
Fruit PawPaw Pawpaw in a container
Fruit Pepino Melon Pepino Melon Pests
Fruit Pomegranate Pomegranate with Black Heart Disease
Fruit Raspberries Raspberry bushy dwarf virus
Fruit Raspberries Raspberry leaf curl disease
Fruit Strawberries White fuzz on strawberries
Fruit Strawberries Purple Wonder Strawberries
Fruit Wonderberry Wonderberry
Gardening General Using BioClay Spray for plants
Gardening General Using Styrofoam in containers to improve drainage
Gardening General Overwintering Plants
Gardening General Chalky Soil
Gardening General Using Superphosphate in the Garden
Gardening General Using Epsom Salt for Pest Control
Gardening General Using magnets to help plants grow
Insects Apple Leaf Curling Midge Apple Leaf Curling Midge
Insects Bud Mites Bud Mites On Camellias
Insects Bud Mites Bud Mites On Olive Trees
Insects Cabbage Maggot Cabbage maggot
Insects Chinch Bugs Chinch Bugs
Insects Citrus Thrips Citrus thrips
Insects Crepe Myrtle Bark Scale Crepe Myrtle Bark Scale
Insects Currant Fruit Fly Currant Fruit Fly / Gooseberry maggot
Insects Iris Borer Iris Borer
Insects Lemon Tree Pests Lemon tree pests
Insects Pepino Melon Pests Pepino Melon Pests
Insects Potato Eelworms Potato eelworms
Insects Potato Tuberworms Potato tuberworms
Insects Redberry Mites Redberry mites
Insects Rose Slugs Rose slugs
Insects Tropical Sod Webworms Lawn with Tropical Sod Webworms
Insects Twig Cutter Weevils Rhynchites apple weevils (twig cutter weevils)
Insects Viburnum Borers Viburnum Borers
Insects Wheat Curl Mite Wheat Curl Mite
Plant African Violets Powdery Mildew on African Violets
Plant African Violets African Violets With Botrytis Blight
Plant Agapanthus Agapanthus dying
Plant Agave Agave with Anthracnose
Plant Agave Agave with Caulotops Barberi Pests
Plant Agave Agave with Crown Rot
Plant Ajuga ajuga in a container
Plant Arizona Grape Ivy Arizona grape ivy
Plant Asafetida Asafetida
Plant Azalea Phytophthora root rot in azaleas
Plant Barrel Cactus Barrel Cactus with Pythium Root Rot
Plant Bird of Paradise Bird of paradise in snow or cold
Plant Bonsai Bonsai in an aquarium
Plant Burning Bush Burning Bush Leaves Turning Brown
Plant Butterfly Bush Butterfly Bush Dying
Plant Cactus Cactus with Anthracnose
Plant Cactus Cactus with Fungal Lesions
Plant Cactus Cactus with Stem and Branch Rot (aspergillus alliaceus)
Plant Cactus Cactus with Root Knot Nematodes
Plant Cactus Cactus with Scab Disease
Plant Cactus Cactus with Sunscald
Plant Camellia Bud Mites On Camellias
Plant Cilantro Powdery Mildew on Cilantro
Plant Chinese Dunce Cap Chinese Dunce Cap (succulent)
Plant Cranberry Sick Cranberry Plant
Plant Creeping Phlox Black Rot on Creeping Phlox
Plant Crocosmia Plant Crocosmia Plant dying
Plant Dolphin Succulent Dolphin Succulent (Senecio Dolphin Plant)
Plant Dracaena Stem Rot or Black Stems on Dracaena
Plant Dwarf Sunspot Sunflower Dwarf Sunspot Sunflower
Plant Eucalyptus Eucalyptus houseplant
Plant Eugenia Hedge Eugenia Hedge Pruning
Plant Fuchsia Fuchsia Rust
Plant Gardenia Brown spot on gardenia
Plant Grape Ivy Grape Ivy with Yellow Leaves
Plant Grass Paint a lawn green
Plant Grass Bella Turf Grass
Plant Grass Liming a Lawn
Plant Grass Red fescue grass
Plant Helianthus annuus ‘Sunspot” Helianthus annuus ‘Sunspot’ (dwarf sunflower variety)
Plant Hellebores Black Death of Hellebores
Plant Heuchera Bare Root Heuchera
Plant Hibiscus Transplanting hibiscus
Plant Iris Iris Borer
Plant Iris Iris Root Rot
Plant Jamaican Bell Flowers Jamaican Bell Flowers
Plant Jasmine White spots on a jasmine plant
Plant Lantana Diseased Lantana Plant
Plant Mandevilla Propagating Mandevilla from Tubers
Plant Microclover Microclover lawn
Plant Miscellaneous Tip Rooting
Plant Miscellaneous Plants in a construction zone
Plant Miscellaneous Crown of a plant
Plant Mushroom Herb Mushroom Herb Plant
Plant Oleander Bacterial Gall on Oleander
Plant Orchid Orchid with Crown Rot
Plant Palm Leaf Oxalis Palm Leaf Oxalis Plants
Plant Parsley Leaf Spot on Parsley Plants
Plant Parsley Wilting Parsley Plant
Plant Peace Lily Peace Lily in an aquarium
Plant Pitcher Plant Pitcher Plant With Red Leaves
Plant Prayer Plant Brown leaves on a prayer plant
Plant Prickly Pear Cactus Prickly Pear with Sammons’ Opuntia Virus
Plant Prickly Pear Cactus Prickly Pear with Leaf Spot (Phyllosticta Fungus)
Plant Robin Red Holly Robin Red Holly
Plant Rosemary Rosemary with Pink Flowers
Plant Roses Rose crown gall
Plant Roses Rose slugs
Plant Roses Wax Dipped Roses
Plant Saffron Saffron plant with no bloom
Plant Spiral Grass Spiral Grass Plants
Plant Swiss Cheese Plant Moss poles for houseplants
Plant Succulent Succulent with Mites
Plant Telegraph Plant Telegraph plant
Plant Trumpet Vine Trumpet Vine Losing Leaves
Plant twinflower Dyschoriste oblongifolia twinflower Dyschoriste oblongifolia
Plant Urn Gentian Urn Gentian
Plant Verbena Verbena Companion Plants
Plant Viburnum Shrubs Viburnum Borers
Plant Viburnum Shrubs Viburnum with Brown Leaves
Tree Apple Tree Apple Leaf Curling Midge
Tree Apple Tree Rhynchites apple weevils (twig cutter weevils)
Tree Aristocratic Pear Tree Aristocratic Pear Tree
Tree Ash Tree Ash Tree Leaking Sap
Tree Buartnut Tree Buartnut Tree
Tree Camelot Crabapple Tree Camelot Crabapple Tree
Tree Cherry Tree Cherry Tree Guild
Tree Citrus Tree Citrus Tree with an ISD Tag
Tree Crepe Myrtle Crepe Myrtle Bark Scale
Tree Crepe Myrtle Acoma Crape Myrtle Tree
Tree Crepe Myrtle Crepe Myrtle Tip Blight
Tree Dogwood Pagoda Dogwood (Golden Shadows Dogwood Tree)
Tree Eve’s Necklace Tree Sophora Eve’s Necklace Tree Sophora affinis
Tree Fig Tree Pink blight in figs
Tree Fruit Salad Tree Fruit Salad Tree
Tree Fruit Tree Fruit Tree Grease or Gel Bands for Insects
Tree Lemon Tree Lemon tree pests
Tree Lemon Tree Suckers On Lemon Trees
Tree Lime Tree Lime tree graft
Tree Lime Tree Pruning lime trees
Tree Olive Tree Bud Mites On Olive Trees
Tree Palm Tree Palm Tree Fusarium Wilt
Tree Palm Tree Palm Tree Dropping Fronds
Tree Palm Tree Sick Sago Palm
Tree Palm Tree Palm Tree with Pink Rot Fungus
Tree Peach Tree X Disease In Peaches
Tree Pecan Tree Pecan with Bunch Disease
Tree Pine Twisted White Pine Trees
Tree Quince Tree Quince Tree Pests
Tree Sago Palm Tree Manganese Deficiency In Sago palms
Tree Sago Palm Tree Dying Sago Palm
Tree Sago Palm Tree Sago Palm Tree with a rot disease
Tree Smoke Tree A smoke tree in a container
Tree Walnut Tree Fusarium Canker on Walnut
Tree Walnut Tree Walnut Bunch Disease
Tree Weeping Cherry Pink Snow Showers (Weeping Cherry)
Tree Weeping Cherry Tree Weeping cherry tree that stopped weeping
Tree Western Cherry Tree Western Cherry Fruit Fly
Vegetable Asparagus Rust in Asparagus Plants
Vegetable Asparagus Fusarium Crown Rot of Asparagus
Vegetable Asparagus Asparagus Crown and Root Rot
Vegetable Banana Peppers Banana Peppers Turning Brown
Vegetable Baquieu Lettuce Baquieu Lettuce
Vegetable Beet Mosaic Virus on Beets
Vegetable Black Brandywine Tomatoes True Black Brandywine tomato
Vegetable Blackheart Celery Blackheart celery
Vegetable Butternut Squash Butternut Squash with a split shell
Vegetable Cabbage Cabbage maggot
Vegetable Cabbage Tying cabbage leaves
Vegetable Carrot Powdery Mildew on Carrots
Vegetable Cauliflower Blanching cauliflower
Vegetable Cauliflower Wilting Cauliflower
Vegetable Cauliflower Fuzzy cauliflower
Vegetable Celery Celery with Late Blight disease
Vegetable Celery Blackheart Disorder
Vegetable Celery Hollow Celery
Vegetable Celery Celery Stalk Rot
Vegetable Cole Crops Internal Tipburn of Cole Crops
Vegetable Eggplant Blossom rot on eggplants
Vegetable Eggplant Verticillium Wilt on eggplants
Vegetable Eggplant Early Blight on eggplants (alternaria symptoms)
Vegetable Eggplant Eggplants growing in upside down container
Vegetable Elephant Garlic Elephant garlic (harvested or growing)
Vegetable German Pink Tomatoes German Pink tomato
Vegetable Gibsonii Castor Beans Gibsonii Castor Bean
Vegetable Lettuce Lettuce with Downy Mildew
Vegetable Lettuce Lettuce with Nematodes
Vegetable Lettuce Lettuce with Soft Rot
Vegetable Lima Beans Lima Bean Pod Blight
Vegetable Miscellaneous Blackleg Disease in vegetables
Vegetable Okra Okra Blossom Blight
Vegetable Okra Okra with Fusarium Wilt
Vegetable Onions Growing onions vertically
Vegetable Onions Winter Onions
Vegetable Onions Growing Onions Vertically in a Bottle
Vegetable Peas Powdery Mildew on Peas
Vegetable Peas Pea Streak Virus
Vegetable Peppers Pepper Mosaic Virus
Vegetable Peppers Rezha Macedonian Pepper
Vegetable Potatoes Potato eelworms
Vegetable Potatoes Potato Curly Top Virus
Vegetable Potatoes Potato with Aster Yellows Disease
Vegetable Potatoes Potato Pink Rot
Vegetable Potatoes Split or cracked potato
Vegetable Potatoes Potato tuberworms
Vegetable Squash Squash blossom end rot
Vegetable Summer Squash Hollow summer squash
Vegetable Swiss Chard Wilting Swiss Chard
Vegetable Terracotta Tomatoes Terracotta Tomato
Vegetable Toga Eggplant Toga eggplant
Vegetable Tomatoes Big Bud disease in Tomatoes
Vegetable Tomatoes Bunchy Top Virus on tomatoes
Vegetable Tomatoes Little leaf syndrome on tomatoes
Vegetable Tomatoes Tomatoes affected by nematodes
Vegetable Tomatoes Applying Calcium Nitrate for Tomato Blossom End Rot
Vegetable Turnips Cracked turnips
Vegetable Zucchini Hollow zucchini


Closed Scavenger Hunt Items Completed By
A living tree sculpture GKH Staff
Aerial roots on christmas cactus  Lucy Maselli
Apple Tree Water Sprouts  Jennifer Martell
Ash tree oozing sap  Jennifer Martell
Astilbe Plants dying  Jennifer Martell
Black Spots On Jade Plant  Joanna Protz
Blackberry calico virus  Ashley Coffey
Blossom midges  Bonnie Ott
Bordeaux  Joanna Protz
Boston Fern With Black Fronds  Joanna Protz
Cane Blight  Joanna Protz
Cherry Tree Gall  Joanna Protz
Christmas cactus and an animal  Joanna Protz
Crown Canker Of Dogwood  Joanna Protz
Dahlia Flower dying  Joanna Protz
Deformed potatoes  Lacy Roy
Diseased christmas cactus  Karen Jaras
Drooping Yucca Plants  Joanna Protz
Forsythia gall  Jennifer Martell
Forsythe pot  Joanna Protz
Frizzle top on palms Tisa Johnson
Gardenia in cold or snow  Joanna Protz
Gladiolus Seed Pods  Joanna Protz
Gummosis Affected Tree  Jennifer Martell
Leaning yucca  Joanna Protz
Liming soil  Jennifer Martell
Overfertilized houseplant GKH Staff
Overgrown Lilac  Jennifer Martell
Passion Vine dying  Joanna Protz
Plum tree with sap  Joanna Protz
Powdery Mildew Fungus On Trees  Joanna Protz
Primrose dying  Joanna Protz
Pruning aucuba  Joanna Protz
Raspberry Plant Cuttings for rooting  Joanna Protz
Red Plum Tree Leaves (on green leafed plum)  Jennifer Martell
Root nodules on boston ferns  Joanna Protz
Scratching words in squash  Jennifer Martell
Sooty Canker Fungus on trees  Jennifer Martell
Target Spot On Tomatoes  Jennifer Martell
Tomato plants with white leaves  Jennifer Martell
Tomato ringspot  Jennifer Martell
Trumpet Vine Dying  Jennifer Martell
Volutella Blight on Boxwood  Joanna Protz
Wilted Clematis  Joanna Protz
Yellow leaves on bird of paradise  Joanna Protz
Yellow Leaves On Chrysanthemum  Joanna Protz
Yellow leaves on knock out roses  Joanna Protz
Yellow leaves on mandevilla  Joanna Protz
Yellow pepper leaves  Joanna Protz
Yellowing Rose Of Sharon Leaves  Jennifer Martell
Zucchini with Blossom End Rot  Jennifer Martell