Raspberry Lyanna Tomato Plant Info And History

By Mary H. Dyer | December 1, 2016
by Mary H. Dyer
December 1, 2016

Raspberry Lyanna tomatoes are named not for their flavor, but for their gorgeous, raspberry pink color. The flesh of the delicious, medium-sized tomatoes is firm and the flavor is sweet and rich. Read on for more information about heirloom tomato varieties, including Raspberry Lyanna tomatoes.

What are Heirloom Tomato Varieties?

Heirloom tomatoes are varieties that have been passed down through the generations in a specific growing area, primarily because of flavor or some other trait that makes them especially desirable. They are naturally pollinated by wind, birds or insects without aid of human intervention.

Each heirloom variety is genetically unique, and through the years, has evolved and adapted to a specific growing condition and climate. As a result, heirloom plants have a built-in resistance to diseases and pests within those areas. Many people prefer heirloom tomatoes because the flavor tends to be richer than hybrid varieties. One such plant includes the delicious Raspberry Lyanna.

History of Raspberry Lyanna Tomatoes

Unfortunately, we haven’t located much Raspberry Lyanna tomato plant info or history. However, we do know that the plant originated in Russia. Many plant historians belief “Lyanna” is incorrect, or may be a misspelling, as the word is not of Russian origin.

Growing Heirloom Tomatoes

Planting heirloom varieties is a worthy hobby, and not just because the tomatoes are hardy and delicious. Most heirloom varieties have been maintained by small, family farms which are rapidly disappearing. Unfortunately, many heirloom plants have been lost in the past 40 years. By growing heirloom tomato plants, you’ll be helping save these tomatoes, which are important for their genetic diversity.

Raspberry Lyanna tomatoes are semi-determinate tomatoes, which means the plants are sturdy and bushy like determinate varieties, but produce fruit all season like indeterminate tomatoes. They typically reach heights of 3 to 5 feet.

Growing heirloom tomato plants is really no different from growing any type of tomato – rich, well-drained soil, adequate water, regular fertilizer and full sun for most of the day. Help the plants by providing a layer of mulch to reduce moisture evaporation. Raspberry Lyanna tomatoes benefit from installation of stakes or growing cages while the plants are still small.

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  • Michele Burrell
    Comment added December 1, 2016Reply

    Is there a place I can get seeds for these tomatoes?
    I love heirloom tomatoes but we do not have a big selection in this area.
    If you could help me get some Raspberry Lyanna seeds I would greatly appreciate it.
    I live in upstate NY near the Adirondacks.

    • J Boyce
      Comment added April 21, 2020Reply

      Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (aka rareseeds.com) sells them. I have seeds here in Rhinebeck NY jeboyce at pm dot me

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