10 Flowering Perennials That Care For Themselves

By Tonya Barnett | August 3, 2019
Image by Nikki Tilley
by Tonya Barnett
August 3, 2019

Planting a flower bed is a great way to incorporate color into yards and green spaces. While it is possible to plant beautiful flower beds using annuals, many homeowners choose to plant perennials due to their reliability to return year after year. Since some flower beds require frequent maintenance, irrigation, and fertilization, homeowners may wish to create more carefree plantings. Fortunately, many perennial flowers offer beautiful blooms, as well as minimal care.

Here are 10 flowering perennials that practically care for themselves in the garden:

1. Bleeding Hearts – Blooming in late spring and early summer, the bleeding heart flower (Dicentra spectabilis) is quite unique. Each bloom is elegantly shaped like a heart. Since this flower is an herbaceous perennial, plants will bloom and then remain green for the remainder of the growing season until the first frost of the season.

2. CatmintCatmint (Nepeta) is a flowering perennial plant that is hardy to USDA zones 3-9. Most commonly found in pastel blue or purple hues, these plants offer growers a profusion of blooms which are highly attractive to both pollinators and hummingbirds.

3. Coreopsis – Perennial coreopsis are a great option for gardeners growing in less than ideal conditions. Coreopsis grows well in the face of adverse conditions, which includes heavy soil and drought prone areas.

4. Echinacea – Most commonly known for their bright purple flowers, new varieties of echinacea plants, or coneflower, come in a wide range of colors. Reliably blooming, these flowers are known to multiply and create a magnificent floral display each season – even in less than ideal growing conditions.

5. Hibiscus – Most often hardy to USDA zone 5, perennial hibiscus flowers provide gardeners with beautiful foliage, as well as large showy blooms. Hibiscus are especially great for those wishing to add tropical flare to flower borders.

6. Liatris – Also known as blazing star, there are many ways in which to plant liatris. While the plants can be started from seed, many growers may choose to plant bulbs in order to more quickly establish blooms. Like many other easy to grow perennials, liatris are especially attractive to hummingbirds and pollinators.

7. Perennial PhloxGrowing phlox is a great way in which to provide an abundance of color and bloom in flower beds. These easy-to-grow perennials will return reliably each season with little care or attention from homeowners.

8. Rudbeckia – Commonly referred to as black-eyed-susans, wild rudbeckia are native plants in many regions of the United States. Hybrid and open pollinated cultivars of rudbeckia allow its growers greater choice in terms of garden plants, but maintains it characteristic hardiness and ability to thrive.

9. Thyme – Often found in the herb garden, thyme can also serve an important purpose within flower beds. Large, dense plants serve to provide texture and visual interest which does not require frequent maintenance.

10. Yarrow – Available in wide range of colors, yarrow is a wonderful option for growers wishing to expand their gardens at a relatively low cost. Easy to grow from seed, once established, these plants are able to withstand harsh growing conditions with minimal care.

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