5 Gardening Gadgets To Make Dad Smile

By Teo Spengler | June 15, 2019
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by Teo Spengler
June 15, 2019

Lots of dads either have a green thumb or else wish they did. So take advantage of the fact that Father’s Day arrives in the middle of growing season and go for a gardening gift. There are lots of cute gardening gadgets out there that are sure to add some fun to the occasion. If you aren’t sure where to begin to look for cool backyard gifts for dad, just keep reading. We’ve sorted out a few great items you can consider.Here are 5 gardening gadgets to make Dad smile:

Father and daughter potting plant in pot at backyard

1. Front row seat – Not every front row seat involves a baseball game. Dad’s knees will thank you, and his back might as well, if you present him with a garden seat. These low seats make weeding and planting easier on the body. Pick something lightweight so that he can tote it around from bed to bed. You can even find stools with a built-in gardening tool bag to make the entire process simple and fun.

2. Easy wheelbarrowing – If your backyard doesn’t have a wheelbarrow to call its own, dad is sure to appreciate any type of push-along cart for carrying soil,compost or landscape supplies. But your dad is special, so why not opt for a motorized wheelbarrow? This power-assisted wheelbarrow lets dad move up to 200 lbs. of material with its battery-operated drive system and forward and reverse push-button controls.

3. Dad’s favorite herbs – Having an herb garden with favorites available for clipping is always great. But not everybody’s list of favorite herbs is the same. A personalized herb garden is a great bet for brightening up dad’s Father’s Day, and making for delicious dinners in the future. Buy a container – maybe one with wheels – and load it up with his short list, or buy one you can order and personalize.

4. New garden tools – Every gardener appreciates a new, good quality set of basic gardening tools. Even if dad has a working assortment, you could bulk up his collection with a few new items. Look for sets with real wood and stainless steel.

5. Sun hat – Don’t mix up a gardener’s all-weather hat with a sunbonnet. These days, nobody should get full sun on his face or neck or get a sunburn. Find an attractive, big-brimmed hat to provide protection from both sun and rain.

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