Flower Farming: 5 Reasons To Grow Your Own Cut Flower Garden

By Tonya Barnett | March 14, 2020
by Tonya Barnett
March 14, 2020

It’s a question that I receive quite frequently – why do you grow flowers? It seems that I have stumped many a vegetable gardener with the use of space in my small urban backyard. When I started gardening, I focused solely on growing edible fruits and vegetables. I, too, had once asked the exact same question. It wasn’t until I grew my first packet of zinnia seeds that I knew I needed flowers in my garden.

Fast forward several years, and my yard is now filled to the brim with various types of flowers planted specifically for cutting into a vase. 

Reasons to Grow Cut Flowers

Growing a cutting garden isn’t difficult and I think everyone should give it a try. Maybe you’ll come to love it as much as me. Why should you grow your own cut flower garden? Here are 5 reasons why growing cut flowers and flower farming is worthwhile:

  • They’re beautiful – One of the best aspects of starting your own cut flower garden is that it can be planted almost anywhere. Since the cutting garden is highly ornamental, many growers plant annual and perennial cutting flowers in organized flower borders. Others may choose to plant in established rows. These masses of plants can be especially attractive when in full bloom.
  • Lovely flower arrangements – Growing a cutting garden is a cost effective way to create your own fresh cut flower arrangements. While florists are masters of their trade, the purchase of a bouquet can be quite expensive. Additionally, these flowers have likely been shipped thousands of miles before reaching their final destinations. Growing your own flowers for fresh arrangements is as easy as walking into the garden. A few packets of flower seeds will allow growers to have fresh bouquets all season long. Best of all, you’ll be able to control the manner in which the flowers are grown. This means no harmful pesticides.
  • They’ll spread cheer – My love of flower farming first began to grow when I picked a small bunch of flowers and arranged them for my grandmother. She absolutely loved them! Just as receiving flowers can brighten someone’s day, and so too can the act of giving. Having unlimited access to your own cut flowers means that you are able to freely share your beautiful flower arrangements with others.
  • Pollinators love them – One of the main reasons I started growing flowers was to increase the number of pollinators in my garden. From bumblebees and butterflies to hummingbirds, creating a cut flower garden is very much like creating a garden oasis. Nectar-rich flowers offer long beautiful stems, but also provide a much valued resource to native garden wildlife. Planting flowers not only creates a thriving garden ecosystem, but also provides ample entertainment, as I’m able to watch the butterflies bounce from one flower to another.
  • Increased garden skill – Last, but certainly not least, growing cut flowers can help improve your overall garden skill and knowledge. While there are several flower types suitable for beginners, those with more experience can test their skill by growing more specialized flower bulbs and corms. As gardeners learn and become more confident, additional cut flower options can be experimented with. As always, it will be imperative to properly research each plant type before introducing it into the garden. Though cut flowers can be beautiful, many plant types are toxic. This is especially important to consider if children or pets will have access to them.
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