5 Tips For An Eye-Catching Colorful Garden

By Tonya Barnett | November 30, 2019
Image by vicuschka
by Tonya Barnett
November 30, 2019

Whether looking to add curb appeal to a new home or hoping to refresh pre-existing flower beds, a colorful and vibrant garden can make a huge impact. While many landscape designers have mastered the art of planning and creating imaginative garden borders, many home gardeners may feel intimidated by this undertaking. Luckily, with a few simple tips and tricks, even novice growers are able to create beautiful home landscapes. Here are 5 tips for an eye-catching colorful garden.

1. Planting Location – First and foremost, growers will need to decide the size and shape of their garden. Those wishing to establish flower beds near their home will have to consider several variables, such as the plants’ distance from structural features and neighbors. Many options exist when planning borders as well. While some may opt for rectangular borders, many find curved plantings to offer more visual interest and better frame focal points of the home, such as doors and pathways. In addition to shape, the size of mature plants must also be considered. Before planting, carefully analyze the mature size of each plant to ensure that trees and shrubs will not obstruct windows or power lines in the future.

2. Planting Density – Once the planting location has been determined, growers can then decide the spacing or density at which planting will occur. Shrubs or trees, when planted in mass or in a hedge, can offer homeowners much needed privacy from neighbors. Some evergreen trees may also act as a noise buffer for those living near busy roadways. In addition to functionality, mass plantings can offer stunning visual impact. Many flowering perennial plants can offer a much desired pop of color in the landscape at relatively low costs.

3. Choosing a Color Scheme – Before planting anything, growers should consider the colors which they would like to include in their garden. While many choose to create lush, green landscapes by incorporating various types of foliage, others may consider a very different approach. The use of monochromatic and complementary colors can add invaluable appeal to your home and garden. For those uncertain which colors to choose, referencing the color wheel may help tremendously when looking for inspiration.

4. Types of Plants – The process of choosing flowers, shrubs, and trees in which to plant may feel somewhat daunting. With so many options, it may be difficult to know where to start. A mixture of annuals, biennials, and perennials will help ensure diversity throughout the garden, as well as help to improve sustained bloom time throughout the entire growing season.

Though requiring more maintenance, the addition of annual flowers from seed is an excellent choice for growers wishing for an abundance of blooms while maintaining a tight budget. In tandem with annual flowers, long-lived perennials prove to be good investments – often forming the foundation of the garden. Native plants and naturalizing flower bulbs can also provide a welcome burst of color, especially in larger spaces. Small flowering trees prove to be popular choices, as their color and compact size are perfectly suited to landscape culture.

5. Thinking Outside of the Box – One key aspect of planning a colorful landscape is the freedom to express creativity within the planting. Consider utilizing other methods, such as container gardening and the use of vertical growing methods. Adding small container plantings near porches and pathways can afford a more welcoming home atmosphere. Training climbing vines or roses to grow up trellises can help to create multi-dimensional gardens which offer homeowners a more professional and polished garden space.

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