7 Tricks For An Amazing Garden Border

By Tonya Barnett | October 12, 2019
Image by ozgurcoskun
by Tonya Barnett
October 12, 2019

Planting an amazing garden border is a sure way to increase curb appeal, as well as increase enjoyment of outdoor spaces. A well-planned garden border will ensure lush landscapes and magnificent floral displays throughout the entire growing season. With a few simple tips, homeowners can create beautiful flower beds and garden borders.

Here are 7 tricks for creating an amazing garden border:

1. Choose a color scheme – Choosing a color scheme may be one of the most difficult aspects of planning a garden. While bright colors may make spaces feel smaller, darker colors have the ability make borders feel more open. Complimentary colors planted in the same flower beds can create beautiful displays.

2. Consider the entire growing season– When choosing perennial flowers and shrubs for the garden border, growers need to consider a variety of factors. One such factor is bloom time. Since these perennial plants will return year after year, growers will need to make certain to make plantings with staggered bloom times. This will ensure that the border will be visually interesting throughout the entire season.

3. Plant in abundance – A great way to create an amazing garden border is to plant in abundance. Many growers choose to plant annuals to accomplish this task or propagate their own plants. Easy to grow ground covers may also help to provide borders with a sense of abundance.

4. Grow vertically – Adding height to the landscape is a great way to create visual interest in the garden. By incorporating climbing roses, vines, and trellises, growers are able to frame garden focal points. Additionally, tall plants like larkspur, delphiniums, and lupines add dramatic effect.

5. Add a border edging – When it comes to adding an edging to border gardens, the options are limitless. Regardless of the type, the addition of an edging can offer homeowners a more finished and professional looking garden.

6. Think outside the box – While planning a garden border, homeowners may often find themselves overwhelmed by the options. However, it is important to look at choices beyond simply what should be planted. By incorporating containers, lawn ornaments, or even fountains into flower beds,growers are better able to create unique and inventive spaces.

7. Add specialty plants – Consider incorporating some specialty plants into the landscape. Flower bulbs like tulips and daffodils are valuable assets to the garden. Other flowering plants and tropical foliage which may not be hardy to one’s growing zone can add dynamic texture to established plantings. Though beautiful, these plants will require further special care in order  over winter and maintain bloom from season to season.

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  • Zina
    Comment added October 23, 2019Reply

    I find your tips and how to... great and very, very helpful. I am learning a lot from them. Thank you for sharing them.

  • Sophia David
    Comment added October 14, 2019Reply

    Thanks for sharing for such valuable information with us. The gardening border playes a vital role in the beauty of Garden. It enhances the beauty of your Garden design
    . Choosing a nice colour also makes a great impact.

  • Maureen Watts
    Comment added October 13, 2019Reply

    I just came from a 10 cent surprise sale. I got 60-75 plants for less than $4.00. (even the 6 and 12-packs were .10) Most of them are dianthus which will love the weather we are about to experience. I had thought I would scatter them around, but now I will use your "plant in abundance" recommendation. truth is, I have always loved the way that looks. thanks!
    m. watts

  • JoAnn
    Comment added October 13, 2019Reply

    Thanks for this article. I have a new wall that I want to put a border of flowers in the front. I think I will plant sun patiens along the front & this picture gave me the perfect idea for that.

  • Judy Kowalski
    Comment added October 13, 2019Reply

    Love your gardening suggestions. Very helpful! Keep up the good work.

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