Green Flowering Plants: 10 Green Flowers To Grow In The Garden

By Mary Ellen Ellis | March 13, 2020
by Mary Ellen Ellis
March 13, 2020

There are a number of green flower types, but in general, this is an unusual color for blooms. Usually, flowers are brightly colored to attract pollinators, but some blend in more with the foliage. These natural and cultivated flowers are beautiful and make a stunning addition to gardens, flower beds, and arrangements.

Why Green Flowering Plants?

The symbolic language of flowers varies depending on whom you ask, but green blooms almost always represent new life, youth, and good fortune. As a gift, giving green flowers represents a wish of good health and luck – and really, who wouldn’t want that?

In your garden, choose green flowers for monochromatic beauty of the ultimate color of nature. They are truly unusual with few natural examples and some cultivated varieties. An all-green garden that still has flowers will give your space a unique and almost mystical feel.

What Plants Have Green Flowers?

If you’re interested in a green garden, there are some great choices. You’ll be surprised by how much variety there actually is between the shades of green. Mix them up with different textures and heights for visual interest. Here are some examples of green flowers to grow in your garden:

  • Hydrangea. This popular flowering shrub comes in a few colors, including a greenish white. Try the ‘Little Lime’ cultivar for an eye-popping green hydrangea.
  • Flowering tobacco. Growing flowering tobacco is easy and will add vertical height to the garden. This pretty, fragrant flower has a few green varieties, including ‘Lime Green.’ They attract pollinators too.
  • Zinnia. For a green annual, try ‘Benary Giant Lime,’ ‘Envy,’ and ‘Tequila Lime’ varieties of zinnias. They are great in containers and for cutting.
  • Echinacea. Known mostly for its purple coneflower variety, the ‘Green Jewel’ echinacea has green-tinted white petals.
  • Hellebore. Also known as Christmas rose or Lenten rose, this winter-blooming flower includes green varieties. Hellebore flowers are pretty mixed with red flowers over the holidays.
  • Bells of Ireland. These pretty, bell-shaped flowers are chartreuse green, but they are not for hot climates. Exposure to cold helps them germinate, so sow seeds in the fall. Bells of Ireland in the garden can add that extra “wow” factor.
  • Chrysanthemum. For a truly bright, chartreuse, try some of the green varieties of mums. ‘Shamrock,’ ‘Green Goddess,’ and ‘Yoko Ono’ are all good choices.
  • Jack-in-the-pulpit. For a shade-tolerant, woodland flower, look at this unique species. The jack-in-the-pulpit flower is actually a spathe and resembles a deep cup. This is the pulpit from which emerges Jack, the spadix.
  • Gladiolus. This is a great option for the back of a bed. The tall gladiolus grows up to six feet (1.8 m.). There are a number of beautiful green-blooming varieties from which to choose.
  • Orchids. To grow orchids in the garden, you’ll need the right environment. But for indoor and container gardening, there are several natural green varieties of orchids available.

Green flowers may seem different, but what better way to stand out among your neighbors than to add some vibrant green blooms to your landscape.

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