Growing Gardens: 10 Great Reasons To Grow A Garden

By Tonya Barnett | April 18, 2020
by Tonya Barnett
April 18, 2020

Many gardeners have fond memories of growing plants with loved ones. In fact, the love of gardening is often started at a very young age. However, many city dwellers may not have those same experiences. It wasn’t until adulthood that I first began experimenting with growing my own food and creating my own landscape plantings.

Though growing your own garden may no longer be a necessity, it is easy to see why more and more people are finding reasons to grow a garden. So then, why do gardening? Here are my reasons for growing a garden.

  • Garden as exercise – For many, gardening is an excellent form of physical exercise. I find it to be better than going to the gym. Simple routine maintenance, such as digging and weeding, can be quite strenuous. In deciding to grow a garden, do so in a manner that best suits your own physical abilities.
  • Garden for mental health – Numerous studies have shown an improvement in mental health as one of the many reasons to grow a garden. Gardening can help us to disconnect from technology and may even help to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Improve your eating habits – The answer as to why do gardening, for many, is to improve their eating habits. Access to freshly grown organic vegetables is key to creating a sustainable lifestyle change. In addition, growers know important details regarding how their food was grown and harvested.
  • Create community – Nurturing a sense of community is one of my favorite reasons to grow a garden. From sharing knowledge to working together to build a community vegetable plot, gardening is sure to create a strong bond between those who share a passion for working the soil.
  • Teaches patience and work ethic – It’s no secret that many things don’t come easy. Gardening is one hobby that further emphasizes this fact. From planting the seeds to harvesting the first ripe fruits, gardening will require growers to hone their ability to enjoy every step of the process, rather than just the end result.
  • It’s giving – Not only does growing gardens allow us to develop into more whole people, but it allows us to give back to others. Whether growing flowers or vegetables, sharing the fruits of our labor with others can be quite enjoyable.
  • Creating memories – While those of us with a competitive streak may strive to have the best garden, it’s important not to lose sight of the memories that can be made growing with family and friends. This is especially true when growing a children’s garden.
  • Saves money – Many people learn to garden out of the need to save money. With the ever-rising cost of produce, growing your own food is a very viable option. Though there will be a learning curve, one packet of seeds can be grown to feed an entire family.
  • They’re beautiful – Regardless of the type of garden, carefully planned green spaces can be absolutely stunning. Well maintained gardens are an enjoyable space to spend spare time and may even add to the overall value of your home.
  • Sense of pride – For many, growing gardens can offer a much needed sense of accomplishment and pride. Starting with a blank “canvas,” growers are able to plant and craft nearly any green space imaginable.
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