Top 10 Christmas Tree Varieties

By Nikki Tilley | December 23, 2017
Image by Elenathewise
by Nikki Tilley
December 23, 2017

Choosing just the right Christmas tree for your family can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not familiar with all the various types out there. To make this annual event a little easier, here are our top 10 Christmas tree varieties, with fir, spruce and pine being the most common of the group.


  1. Balsam fir – this popular Christmas tree remains fragrant all season long. Because of its tall, slender shape, the Balsam fir is commonly tagged as the most traditional of Christmas trees and is a good choice for those having smaller spaces.
  1. Fraser fir – almost perfectly shaped and having good needle retention, this tree is hard to beat. The Fraser fir also has dark green top needles that are silvery underneath, which can be easily viewed with its attractive upward turned branching. Great for hanging ornaments too.
  1. Douglas fir – this is a good tree for roomier spaces, as the Douglas fir takes on a full form with dark blue-green branches radiating out in all directions. It also offers a sweet fragrance.
  1. Noble fir – Noble indeed! This beautiful tree smells good, keeps well and its sturdy upturned branches are great for holding those heavier ornaments. It is also a good choice for wreath making and garlands.



  1. Colorado Blue spruce – If you’re looking for something outside the typical green, give this one a try. Colorado blue spruce provides unique silvery-blue color. The symmetrical shape and strong branches are another aspect to admire, but BEWARE – the needles are a bit unpleasant in the aroma department.
  1. White spruce – The bluish-green color along with the short, stiff needles and natural shape of the White spruce make this tree an exceptional choice. It is another good one for ornament hanging, but again, the smell is not that pleasant.



  1. Virginia pine – A popular tree in the southern U.S., the Virginia pine has much to offer. Its short to medium stature fits well into many homes and the dense foliage smells wonderful. It also retains the needles for long periods and makes a good choice for heavy ornaments.
  1. White pine – While not as impressive as other pine tree varieties and doesn’t fare well with heavy ornaments, White pines do offer attractive blue-green, soft feathery needles.
  1. Scotch pine – Considered king of Christmas trees in many parts of the U.S., the Scotch pine has brilliant green foliage and its long-lasting branches curve upward, making ornament hanging a breeze.


And last but not least”¦.

  1. Leyland Cypress – Another common Christmas tree in the southeastern United States, the Leyland cypress is a great choice for people that suffer allergies, especially to sap, as this one produces little, if any. The dark grayish-green foliage is also quite attractive.
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