Top 10 Gifts for Gardeners

By Nikki Tilley | November 26, 2016
Image by MaximFesenko
by Nikki Tilley
November 26, 2016

If you’re one of those people stuck on gift ideas for gardeners, there are actually more than you might think that will work. And if you’re one of those people that also like to save money (don’t we all) and are crafty too, that garden gift list grows even longer. Narrowing it down a bit, here are the Top 10 gifts for gardeners.

1. Garden Plants. This is probably one of the most common garden gifts you can give and one with many options. You can stick with traditional gift plants like amaryllis and poinsettia, or you can add a more personal touch by selecting plants with meaning – such as a particular favorite or memorable plant of the recipient. Choose a plant for the home or something that can go in the garden. Pick one having historical significance or one that includes the recipient’s name. Don’t forget to dress it up in a nice container.

2. Garden Gift Basket. Whether it’s for the novice or the well-seasoned gardener, this gift is sure to please and just as flexible. Gift baskets are easy to make yourself and don’t have to be expensive. Find a suitable basket or even a cute, but large container that can be used later. Fill with everything a gardener needs, from garden accessories to potting soil and seeds. As with plant gifts, this option can also be personalized by creating a theme-based basket to complement a specific gardening style.

3. Containers. Gardeners can always use containers of varying sizes, and you can even decorate your own to add that special personal touch. Choose many containers nested inside one another. For added appeal, fill the top container with a small plant or various seed packets with instructions for a container garden.

4. Garden Tote. Gardeners carry many things, from pruning tools to plants and harvested fruits and veggies. Garden totes, especially those having side pockets, are great accessories to have and make excellent gifts as is or filled with goodies like small garden tools, gloves, hand lotion, seed packets and bulbs, or even a comfy pair of gardening shoes.

5. Books. Most gardeners will appreciate nature or garden related books, especially those aimed at the recipient’s personal interests or skill level. Likewise, you can include an attractive garden journal and stationery (pens included). Stack them up and tie it all together with ribbon and a fancy bow.

6. A Garden. Yes, I did say garden and it makes a great creative gift. Find a bag (leaf bag, gift bag, paper sack, etc.), empty box of any kind or even a jar for something smaller. Fill with a color-coded garden scheme with plant list and instructions rolled up and neatly tied together. Include necessary seed packets and bulbs along with labels, as well as any other items necessary for the garden.

7. Garden Accessories. This one has endless possibilities and, like many of the other gifts for gardeners, can also be personalized for the recipient. There are numerous garden accessories to choose from including wind chimes, small fountains, stringed lights, lanterns, birdhouses, birdbaths, stepping stones, small hand tools, statuary or whimsical garden art (even something you’ve made yourself).

8. Themed Gift Box. Choose your theme based on the recipient’s interests. Choose a box large enough to accommodate everything and dress it up. As an example, I like to use the bird lover’s theme filled with a bird feeder, birdseed, a small birdhouse, a bird guidebook, and seeds to grow favorite bird plants (like sunflowers or ornamental millet). Depending on the theme, you’ll have many options.

9. Homemade Garden Goodies. Share some of your harvest with the fellow gardeners in your life, be it homemade preserves, jams or canned items like pickles and salsa. You could also create a jar filled with dried herbs for use in dishes or teas. Don’t forget the recipe.

10. Garden Stocking. This one works especially well at Christmas. Find a stocking large enough to fill with garden-related stocking stuffers – hand cream and lotion, homemade soap, potpourri, gloves, plant food, labels, a hand pruners, bulbs and seed packets, small herb pots, garden ornaments, garden magazine subscription, gift certificate from local plant nursery or garden store, etc.

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    Funds were limited this past Christmas, and I was stuck trying to figure out the big/main gift for my Mom. Finally had a "Eureka!!" moment, and the gift was a gift card for her favorite nursery, as well as the promise that whatever she picked out and got, my husband and I would be the labor under her supervision! She was thrilled!

    So just because you may have a tight budget, you can *still* find a creative way to give a gardening gift. Thanks for the tips!

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