Top 3 Tips for Ordering Plants Online

By Amy Grant | January 14, 2017
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by Amy Grant
January 14, 2017

At one time, admittedly long ago, there were no seed catalogues or nurseries, and the internet wasn’t on anyone’s radar. Today, almost everyone shops for one thing or another on the internet and plants, seeds or bulbs are no exception. Before you get into the gardening frenzy and start ordering everything that strikes your fancy, consider the following 3 tips for ordering plants online:

1. Choose your online purveyor with care. If you are new to ordering plants online, take a look at publications and websites you respect and see who they are recommending. Your local extension office may also have some helpful advice. Also, while most of the companies out there are reputable and doing their utmost to provide you with healthy plants, neither they nor you have control of the shipping process wherein plants can be damaged.

2. Speaking of shipping, do some comparison shopping. Shipping and handling costs will vary from purveyor to purveyor, not to mention the cost for the plant. Take some time and look at several sites to get the most bang for your buck.

3. Don’t get overzealous without checking your facts. This means, don’t get all excited about ordering bougainvillea because it’s stunning and you fell in love with it on a trip to Venezuela; the only problem is you live in USDA zone 4. Many online nurseries carry plants that are suitable for a range of zones, but that doesn’t mean they will survive in yours. Do your homework!

As with purchasing anything, buyer beware. Do your research and take some time with it before ordering. Your pocketbook and your new bougainvillea will thank you.

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