Top 5 Lawn Care Tips

By Mary H. Dyer | April 8, 2017
by Mary H. Dyer
April 8, 2017

Unless you’re a lawn care expert, you may not understand just how important basic maintenance to the lawn really is, let alone how to perform these tasks properly. Below are our top 5 lawn care tips to help you create the healthiest, most attractive lawn on the block.

1. Set your mower higher and mow more frequently. Cutting the lawn short may seems like a timesaver, but in the long run it can damage grass and give weeds an opportunity to take root, while longer turf is healthier and able to crowd out weeds. Never remove more than one-third the length. If the grass is extra long and you need to catch up, trim it by one-third, then come back in a few days and do it again.

2. Keep mower blades sharp. Sharp blades shorten mowing time and make cleaner cuts, which means healthier, more attractive grass. As a general rule, mowers should be sharpened at least twice during the season. Replace blades if they are bent or cracked, or if they show signs of erosion or deep wear. Remember to remove the spark plug before working with the blade.

3. Water at the most optimal time. Water your lawn during the early morning hours so the sun has all day to dry the grass. Watering later in the day is a bad idea because wet grass invites pests and disease. Avoid shallow watering and, instead, water deeply to establish deep, healthy roots. About 1 to 1 ½ inches applied three times per week is plenty for most types of grass. A timer is a huge help and prevents overwatering.

4. Provide designated potty area for dog. Train your dog to potty in a designated mulched or graveled area if he/she is leaving burn marks on your lawn. If you see your pooch peeing on the grass, water the spot well within eight hours, as flushing the spot dilutes the concentrated nitrogen in the urine. Mild urine burns may recuperate, but severe spots may need to be reseeded or sodded.

5. Reseed bare spots. Store extra grass seed in a cool, dry, dark location. If you notice a bare spot in your lawn, sprinkle it with a handful of seeds and cover the seeded spot with compost. Keep the spot moist until the seed germinates, which usually takes a couple of weeks.

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