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Top 5 Plants For Bathrooms

By Liz Baessler | December 15, 2018

Top 5 Plants For Bathrooms

by Liz Baessler December 15, 2018

Top 5 Plants For Bathrooms

By Liz Baessler | December 15, 2018

Houseplants are always a good idea. They purify the air, they help you de-stress, and they allow anyone to exercise their green thumb, garden or not. For the most part, houseplant placement is mostly determined by light requirements and the direction your windows face. But plants in bathrooms are a little different. Bathrooms are humid places, and unlike other rooms, they often have little to no natural light. This doesn’t’ mean you can’t have plants in your bathroom, but it does mean your choices are a bit more limited.

Here are our top 5 plants for bathrooms:

1. Spider Plant – These plants are wonderfully hardy and low maintenance. They need very little light (although they are much more likely to produce their distinctive spider plantlets if they get some light). Spider plant water requirements are low, and in a humid enough bathroom, they ought to be able to thrive with no direct watering at all.

2. Lucky BambooLucky bamboo is so easy to care for that it doesn’t even need soil. It will grow perfectly well in a container of stones and water (a great accent for a bathroom sink). It also has very low light requirements.

3. Bromeliads – A very diverse family of tropical plants, bromeliads are, for the most part, very brightly colored foliage plants that thrive in warm, high humidity environments. They do best (and will be at their most colorful) with some filtered light.

4. Cast Iron Plant – Another plant that loves high humidity but can get by without much watering, the cast iron plant is extremely hardy and tough to mess up. Keep it out of direct light and water sparingly.

5. Snake Plant – A beautiful plant from Africa, with its long wavy leaves, the snake plant is a beloved houseplant in any room, mostly because it’s so hard to kill. It can thrive in anything from bright to little light, and it requires little watering. In a humid bathroom, you should be able to get away without watering it at all.

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