Top 5 Plants for the Office

By Bonnie Grant | January 6, 2018
by Bonnie Grant
January 6, 2018

Adding some life to your work space can really perk up your day. Houseplants help clean the air, bring the outdoors in and actually boost moods in the work space. The trouble with introducing flora to the work space is the character of the buildings themselves. They are generally low on natural light, and plants must be able to thrive in artificial conditions. That not only includes light constraints but recirculated air, heating and cooling systems and confined quarters (i.e. containers).

The good news is that there are many tried and true plants that are tough as nails and will not only grow in an office setting but may take over your cubicle in a gleeful growth spurt. Try these top 5 plants for the office:

1. Snake plant – This plant has another, rather wicked name – mother-in-law’s tongue. The sharp, architecturally erect leaves are the genesis of the name but the plant actually has an easy going nature. It thrives in full, indirect sun to low light conditions. It is even adaptable to artificial light. Not only is it a no-fuss plant, but it produces additional plants at its base and can be divided to make more of these dramatic beauties.

2. Pothos – This heart-shaped plant has more than romance on its mind. The elegant vining plant drapes seductively over its container. It can be grown as a hanging basket or in a tabletop situation. Best of all, pothos needs little care and stem cuttings root readily in soil or a glass of water, doubling your fun. Pothos plants thrive in crowded situations and have average care needs. What more could you ask from your desk buddy?

3. English ivy – These plants have become common place in stand-alone situations or as accents to a combination container. Their lackadaisical nature allows them to be trained over wire forms as topiaries or you can just let them tumble in a carefree manner out of their container for cheerful natural chaos. They put up with a lot of punishment and can withstand the occasional dry period and even severe pruning. You may wish all your officemates were as easy going as English ivy.

4. Spider plant – The growth at the ends of this trailing plant really do look a bit like tiny arachnids and are even called spiderettes. Spider plant has a quirky character all its own and is tolerant of a range of conditions. It is another easy to propagate specimen that can spread through the office like wildfire, until every cubicle has one of these low maintenance darlings.

5. Rubber tree plant – If you are looking for a no-nonsense plant that can grow large enough to form a living screen, try the Ficus rubber tree plant. The things that really upset this plant are drafts, too much water and moving it around. Try to pick a spot where the plant seems happy and leave it alone. Enjoy glossy broad leaves with burgundy tinged stems along with an unhurried growth habit and agreeable culture requirements.

You don’t have to have a green thumb to grow these plants. Each one will thrive in most indoor conditions. Just remember to water them deeply and then let the top of the soil dry out before watering again. A fertilizer spike once per month during the growing season or some fish fertilizer diluted in the water every two weeks will keep these low maintenance stars happy and lush.

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