Top 5 Plants For Terrariums

By Bonnie Grant | December 8, 2018
by Bonnie Grant
December 8, 2018

Terrariums provide a great space to display plants and enjoy them in a small setting. These miniature scenes of nature fit perfectly on an office desk or in a pop out window. Take into consideration the mature size of plants when selecting them and combine plants with the same care requirements for best results. Remember that plenty of humidity is required in these nearly closed systems. Here are 5 great plants for terrariums to help get you started:

1. Golden Clubmoss – If the theme of your terrarium is woodsy, mosses are perfect additions. This plant is small at only 6 inches (15 cm.) and has cheery yellow-green foliage. The butter tinged leaves stay that color even at maturity and add brightness to the container. This clubmoss plant likes it moist, so combine it with other water lovers.

2. Nerve Plant – The nerve plant has distinctive leaves patterned with white veins and burgundy undersides. It grows just 12 inches (30 cm.) and is an excellent accent for fern types. Nerve plant needs warmth and moisture, making it a perfect indoor plant. Low to medium light situations are preferred.

3. Artillery Fern – Although not a true fern, artillery ferns have similar notched foliage and deep, vibrant green color. They simply look lush like they belong in a rain forest. The name stems from the noise and violent action of mature seeds bursting away from the plant. Keep it warm and moist in indirect light.

4. Polka Dot Plant – If you want to interject some color into your display, choose the polka dot plant. It is a pretty salmon pink tone with foliage decorated with splashes of green. Another low growing plant, expect it to only get 10 to 16 inches tall (25 to 41 cm.). If you want to keep it short, simply pinch off errant growth and place it in water to start a whole new plant.

5. PothosPothos are those rather sad plants you see living in office cubicles. They are practically indestructible and perform very well in terrariums. Plants tend to send out longer stems but you can keep these cut back. It needs indirect light and moderate water, so may do best in a container with plants of similar moisture needs.

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