Top 5 Trees for Indoors

By Teo Spengler | December 22, 2018
by Teo Spengler
December 22, 2018

Move over houseplants and make room for indoor trees. While plants accent a room, indoor trees provide a focal point with visual appeal that sets the mood for the space. Adding a structural element to your living area, indoor trees also filter and cleanse the air. What should you look for in an indoor tree? It’s essential to consider what type of light you can offer a tree, as well as how much space you can spare. Here are five indoor trees that you should put on your short list.

1. Fiddle Leaf Fig – A fiddle leaf fig beats a house guest any day of the week. Strikingly attractive with its big, bright leaves, it is completely undemanding. Put a fiddle leaf fig in a bright corner, water when the topsoil is dry, and listen to the complements roll in.

2. Norfolk Island Pine – What looks like a small Christmas tree but is actually a tropical plant? The Norfolk Island pine isn’t a pine at all but comes from a warm island near Australia. But it has that Christmas look if you decorate up the branches. Easy care year round, this is a tree that needs only moderate water and a little light to thrive.

3. Improved Meyer Lemon – This little beauty is a lemon-orange hybrid that produces the sweetest lemons you’ve ever had the pleasure of biting into. Juicy and seedless, Meyer lemons are great for baking, lemonade or adding to salads. The “Improved” version is virus-free.

4. Areca Palm – If you’ve got some extra space that’s drenched in bright, indirect sunlight, an Areca palm is dreaming of living with you. Arecas are extremely popular palms with long, feathery, arching fronds on golden stalks. Over time they’ll grow a little taller than you are, so plan enough elbow room to keep them happy.

5. Jade Tree – If it’s your very first indoor tree or one of hundreds, you’ll do well with jade tree succulents, requiring the least maintenance of any other tree you might bring into the living room. The shiny green succulent give this plant a certain grace that adds serenity to any room. As for care, just irrigate twice a month and watch it grow happily in a sunny window.

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