Top 5 Vegetable Plants for Growing

By Amy Grant | March 25, 2017
by Amy Grant
March 25, 2017

There are a number of reasons to grow your own vegetables. You may want to cut that grocery bill. Maybe you are concerned about where your food comes from and want to have some control. Or perhaps you just like to grow things. Whatever your reason(s), it’s time to get your hands dirty, but first you need to decide what crops to grow.

Choosing what vegetable to include in the garden is a personal matter; it depends on what foods you like to eat. It may also be a matter of location. Maybe you live in an area with a short growing season or maybe you live in a region that is hot, hot, hot, so cool weather crops just won’t work for you. The great thing about vegetables is that there are many different varieties that thrive in various environs.

Here are our top 5 vegetable plants to grow in the garden.

1. Tomatoes – Arguably the most popular crop for the home gardener, tomatoes offer numerous varietal choices and color.

2. Cucumbers – Again, the variety of cucumbers is staggering whether you want pickling cucumbers or slicing varieties, seeded or seedless. Plus, these plants bear profusely.

3. Green Beans – They come in both pole varieties and bush types. Green beans can be grown even in small spaces by training them to grow vertically and only a few plants will keep a small family in beans for weeks.

4. Radishes
– Even if you aren’t a radish fan, grow them anyway. They are one of the earliest crops and grow so rapidly they are sure to get you excited about your upcoming summer vegetables.

5. Lettuce – Bibb to Boston to Romaine to Green leaf, there are many types of lettuce to choose from. They grow quickly and can really save you some money if you’re a salad fan like most people.

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