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Top 7 Herbs to Grow Indoors Year Round

By Amy Grant | February 2, 2019

Top 7 Herbs to Grow Indoors Year Round

by Amy Grant February 2, 2019

Top 7 Herbs to Grow Indoors Year Round

By Amy Grant | February 2, 2019

As winter falls upon us, the garden has been put to bed until spring, which means that the supply of fresh herbs you’ve come to rely on is past its prime. All is not lost, however, as there are a number of herbs that will do just fine when grown indoors in a bright window or under grow lights. Interested in growing your own herbs indoors? Here are the top 7 herbs for growing indoors year round.

1. Basil – Gotta have my basil, so it tops the list of must have herbs to grow indoors year round. Start basil from seed or root a cutting and place in a south-facing window.

2. Cilantro – Next up and in order of favorites, comes cilantro. South American cuisine has got to have citrus, spice and cilantro, in my opinion. Cilantro, like basil, is a tender annual herb that can be started from seed and then replanted throughout the year for a continuous supply.

3. Rosemary – Next up is rosemary. A perennial, rosemary not only tastes good but acts like a natural room deodorizer. Start with a cutting of the herb in a soil-less mix and keep it moist until it roots in a south-facing window.

4. ThymeThyme and rosemary marry beautifully as a rub for meats or tossed onto roasted potatoes. Another perennial, thyme can be started from a soft tip of an existing outdoor plant. It likes full sun but is a bit more tolerant of shaded conditions and will grow well in an east- or west-facing window.

5. OreganoOregano is #5 on the list of favorite indoor herbs. A versatile herb, oregano features prominently in Mediterranean cuisine and is found in both Italian and Mexican foods. It is also a perennial that loves sun and should be placed in a south-facing widow.

6. Mint – Mojio anyone? Mint can be used in so many ways in sweet to savory dishes, in adult beverages or just as a cup of soothing hot tea. It can be a rapacious grower in the garden, thus lends itself well to container growing. Plus, there are so many types of mint to choose, from chocolate to pineapple mint.

7. Chives – The last, but not least, pick for herbs to grow inside year round is chives. Again, extremely versatile and easy to grow. Morning eggs will never be the same again after you toss in some finely chopped chives. And, they’re right there in the house, practically under your nose, ready to use.

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