Top 7 Tools for Every Gardener

By Nikki Tilley | May 21, 2016
Image by Nikki Tiley
by Nikki Tilley
May 21, 2016

(Author of The Bulb-o-licious Garden)

Nearly every gardener knows that having the right tools for your gardening tasks makes the job at hand much easier. I mean, who wants to wind up digging a hole for a tree with nothing but a small trowel? That would take a mighty long time, not to mention wear blisters on your hands. And don’t forget the backache you’ll wake up to from all that stooping over as you painstakingly dig without the proper shovel. No, thank you.

While the idea of choosing tools is easy enough for most of us, newbie gardeners may need a little help in their garden tool selection. Below are Top 7 tools that every gardener should have in their possession, at least to start out with.

1. Shovels – Digging is a big part of gardening so having a good shovel or garden spade is essential. Most shovels are curved and ideal for digging holes, turning soil or moving mulch. The flat edge of garden spades are useful for edging tasks or cutting roots.

2. Garden trowel – A trowel is a must have for any gardener and just as important as a shovel. That said, these are better equipped for small digging tasks like planting annuals or container gardening.

3. Hoe – Ok, there’s no getting around it”¦weeding is just one of those dreaded garden tasks we must all deal with. Hoes are great tools for weed control and every gardener will find them useful as such. Additionally, hoes can be used in cultivating to create seed planting furrows and to break up soil.

4. Rake – Whether it’s a simple lawn rake for getting up those autumn leaves or a metal garden rake for leveling seedbeds and clearing garden debris, rakes are essential tools no gardener can do without.

5. Pruning tools – Pruning your plants is another aspect of gardening and having a suitable pair of pruning shears, loppers or hand pruners will make this task much easier to complete.

6. Garden hose/watering can – Plants need water and you can’t get the job done without a good hose. There are many types and styles to choose from but I prefer hoses that are flexible, durable, and lightweight. A simple lightweight watering can help with smaller irrigating tasks.

7. Wheelbarrow/cart – While they can be a bit more demanding than other garden tools, having a decent wheelbarrow will make hauling soil, mulch or plants easier than filling up a bucket. An alternative to wheelbarrows are garden carts, which can serve the same purpose but may have wheels for easier hauling.

When choosing garden tools, you’ll want those with easy grips, longer handles and lighter weight options for the most comfort. Also, keep your tools clean and sharp for the most efficiency. Once you’re armed with the right tools for the job, all those mundane gardening tasks will become more manageable, saving you both time and future backaches and blisters.

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