Top Freshwater Aquarium Plants: Tops Plants To Put In An Aquarium

By Mary H. Dyer | August 22, 2020
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by Mary H. Dyer
August 22, 2020

Aquarium supply stores offer a huge variety of beautiful aquatic plants and many are easy to grow, even for newbies. Are you wondering what plants to put in an aquarium? If you’re a beginner, or even if you aren’t, here are great aquatic plants for fish tanks.

Top Freshwater Aquarium Plants

What are the best lush plants for aquariums? Here’s a rundown of the top beginner aquarium plants for aquascapes:

  • Java moss – Java moss is one of the easiest plants for aquariums, but it’s best to attach it to driftwood or another stable object to keep it from floating. This fast-growing plant needs low to moderate light.
  • Java fern – Java fern, with long, green leaves, is easy to grow. Just attach it to a rock or other object and be careful not to bury the rhizome. 
  • Aquarium lilies – Dwarf aquarium lily is an easy, fast-growing plant that needs low to moderate light. Be sure to place the bulb with half above the substrate. 
  • African water fernAfrican water fern is a slow-growing plant, but once established, it’s easy to grow and looks lovely anchored to a rock. It needs high light levels.
  • Bunch plant – Water wisteria, also known as bunch plant, is an easy, fast-growing plant that needs low to moderate light. The interesting, lacy leaves add texture and interest to the aquarium. Water wisteria is easy to propagate. Just take a cutting of the stem and bury it in the substrate.
  • HornwortHornwort is an attractive plant that will float on the surface. Allow plenty of space, as it is a large plant that can grow up to 24 inches (60 cm.). Hornwort is easy to propagate; just snip a piece of stem and let it float or poke an end into the substrate.
  • Amazon sword – Amazon sword is a large plant with lance shaped leaves and a moderate growth rate. This easy-to-grow plant can reach lengths of 20 inches (50 cm.) and isn’t a good choice for a small tank.
  • Anubia – Anubias is one of the best beginner aquarium plants. Put it in a shady corner of the tank, then anchor it to a rock or driftwood. Be sure the rhizome remains above the substrate, or the plant will rot.
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    Freshwater Aquarium are used by fish for any number of things, including safety, comfort, food, and reproduction, so they’re vital to any healthy aquarium environment.

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