Novice Gift Guide: 10 Best Gifts For Beginning Gardeners

By Gardening Know How | November 14, 2019
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by Gardening Know How
November 14, 2019

Making a list of holiday gifts for your favorite new gardener? All of us at Gardening Know How are just full of gift ideas for beginning gardeners, and really special gifts for first-time gardeners!  Scroll on through our novice gift guide and enjoy gift ideas that will spark the imagination and motivate the inner-gardener in anyone. These perfect holiday gifts will encourage and delight any new gardening enthusiast, whether a casual hobbyist or finicky perfectionist.

Here are 10 of the best gifts for first-time gardeners:

Paw Paw Everlast Labels

Paw Paw Everlast Labels – This company has come up with the cutest idea ever for keeping track of what’s been planted in the beginner’s garden. Perfect for smaller flowers or herb gardens, these little round-corner metal plates will help a new gardener remember what was planted where, and eliminates the guesswork when seeds begin to sprout. If you’ve ever been mystified trying to identify what just came up in your garden, you’ll agree these labels make all the difference. Sturdy and stainless, they can be re-used again and again. Your first-time gardener will appreciate these reusable labels for identifying seedlings, both in small planters or large veggie gardens.

Plant Package

Plant Package – Do you know someone who really wants to begin gardening but has no idea how to get started? Try gifting them with a subscription for everything they could possibly need to get started. Plant Package will send a perfectly organized set of four plants, soil mixtures and nutrients, pots – and every necessary must-have item to be an instant gardener. You can have packages sent monthly, every other month, or even once per season. Packages include flowers, herbs, leafy greens and detailed instructions for someone who wants to dive into gardening, but doesn’t have the time or resources to start from scratch.

Essential Garden Set from Garrett Wade.

Garrett Wade Tool Set – Get your beginning gardener off to a high-end start with only the best! Garrett Wade’s Essential Garden Set is a lifetime gift that includes a cast-aluminum trowel, a sturdy 3-pronged cultivator and a ratcheted, carbon-steel blade pruner. If you’ve ever cut a branch or stem with a ratcheted tool, you know how amazing they are, and this one is truly exceptional. Included with this three-tool set is a durable waxed cotton tote with plenty of pockets and a roll of twine! If you’re stumped about what to give your favorite beginning gardener, this set is over the top as a holiday gift. Only for the seriously persnickety.

Organic Vegetable Seed Collection from Jung Seed.

Jung Seed Collection – In your search for beginner gardener gift ideas, consider giving the meaningful gift of organic seeds! The Organic Vegetable Seed Collection is the ideal start on your holiday gifts for first-time gardeners. This great seed collection includes eight of Jung Organic’s most popular and best-producing vegetables. All of these organic seeds are high-quality, as well as non-GMO. They include: Belstar broccoli, Delicious tomato, Bloomsdale Long Standing spinach, King of the North pepper, Alisa Craig onion, Blue Lakes Bush 274 green bean, Napoli carrot, and Karina pea – over 1500 seeds! Valued at $33.10, Jung is offering a holiday special of $27.95!

Waxed Amaryllis Bulbs from Breck’s Bulbs

Breck’s Bulbs – Baby, it’s cold outside. Why not surprise your beginning gardener with a gorgeous amaryllis from Breck’s bulbs to add a bright splash of indoor holiday décor? If you’ve been puzzled about what to give the new gardener, try this remarkably stunning red bloom that’s cloaked in a shiny holiday ornament for good measure. These jumbo-sized bulbs have been waxed to hold in their moisture and nutrients. All they need is some light and love and, within a month and a half, they’ll take your breath away. Of all the gifts for beginning gardeners, this one might be the best bang for your buck.

4-Piece Garden Hand Tool Set from Cate’s Garden Tools

Cate’s Garden Tools – It’s not always easy thinking up holiday gifts for beginning gardeners. Sometimes new gardeners like to start small. Maybe the new project is a little more intricate and calls for tools that are more exacting than a shovel or hoe. Cate’s Garden is wowing new gardeners with these sturdy, stainless steel tools that help with everything plant related – like breaking up lumpy topsoil and even pulling pesky weeds. Ideal for a flower bed or houseplant hobbyist, the hand trowel, transplanting trowel, hand cultivator and hand weeder can be purchased separately or in a set. Smooth ash-wood handles make these tools the perfect holiday gifts for beginning gardeners who want to do everything just right. Even better is the fact that you’ll get 25% off with this exclusive coupon code: GKHCGP25.

The New Organic Grower from Chelsea Green Publishing

The New Organic Grower Book – Among all the gifts out there for first time gardeners, this 3rd edition of The New Organic Grower by Eliot Coleman (from Chelsea Green Publishing) is simply a must-have for any organic gardener, either novice or pro. Fully updated and replete with gorgeous color illustrations, the timeless wisdom of this leader in organic methods should be on the shelf of every new gardener, whether home gardening or embarking on a small farm venture. Gardening organically is deeply satisfying, especially for someone just starting out. This author has been the authority on organic gardening for decades, but the book is thoroughly up to date with new ideas and proven techniques. Still wondering what to give the new gardener? This is a gift that will give back in so many ways.

Growers Assortment of Slotted Clear Orchid Pots from RePotme Orchids

RePotme Orchid Pot– For beginning gardeners who want to grow exotic orchids or African violets, why not give them a rePotme Growers Assortment of Slotted Clear Orchid Pots that is sure to produce successful growth and blooms? Everyone knows orchids can be a bit tricky to grow because it’s so easy for them to get waterlogged at the roots. But rePotme has come up with an ingenious solution – a pot with slots! If you’re looking for beginner gardener gift ideas, nothing will please a new gardener more than success with an exotic plant! RePotme customers rave about how beautifully these things work, and how they give just enough air and drainage to delicate plants. Check out their special soil mixes and fertilizers, too, created exclusively for orchids, violets, bonsai and succulents.

ThinkSOIL Test Kit

ThinkSOIL Test Kit – Gardeners often learn the hard way that their soil has a huge effect on the outcome of plants. Soil testing might seem like something only pros can do, but this great soil testing kit from is one of the gifts for a first time gardener that will be appreciated more than you might think. Why? Because it’s so easy! Send a little sample of soil in the zip-lock bag to thinkSOIL’s lab. Postage is pre-paid and it’s pre-addressed. In less than two weeks, your new gardener can view, print and download all the soil info from the company’s website. No test tubes, chemicals or special knowledge required! 

50′ Metal Garden Hose from Quality Source Products

Quality Source Garden Hose – Are you wanting your beginner gardener gift ideas to be surprisingly bright and shiny? Look no further. This incredible garden hose from Quality Source Products is made from the highest quality stainless steel with a brass (not plastic) sprayer. It’s lightweight and won’t twist, tangle or kink! Nothing can break or split this thing, dogs can’t chew it and thorns can’t poke it. It’s long enough to reach all the flower beds, boxes or lawns in any average sized yard. It’s a unique gift, and a long overdue remake of the old-timey garden hose that will impress your favorite beginning gardener. Just wrap a ribbon around it and let it shine under the tree!


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