Cool Backyard Saunas That You Can Buy and DIY

By Amanda Maurois | July 20, 2019
by Amanda Maurois
July 20, 2019

After a long hard day in the garden, many of us like to come home and soak in a hot bath””assuming we have a bath. No bathtub? Well, have you considered putting in a sauna? No seriously, it’s completely doable. DIY projects are a true celebration of the independent artists, giving them fresh new ideas while respecting their desire to create under budget. Many of these sauna projects only cost a few hundred dollars to build, often blowing their store-bought competition out of the water. There are a plethora of great resources available online for anyone wanting to build their own outdoor sauna. Check these out! The modern designs certainly fit with simple elegance in any gardening landscape.

Oval-Shaped Barrel Sauna

Photo by BZB Cabins.

BZB Cabins and Outdoors is a great website to start since they manufacture a ton of affordable high-end, eco-friendly log structures. If you’re looking for a fun-size cabin, their oval-shaped barrel kit features a two-level steam room seating that is quite spacious, where friends and families can have a great talk-time. You won’t even be expected to lay down a mint to get it done, either as they offer assembly services at an additional cost, that can help you lay the groundwork for your relaxing outdoor retreat.

With a little work, creativity and ingenuity, just about anyone can own one of these on-site saunas to relax and unwind after a long day. The company’s DIY cabin and sauna kits make the do-it-yourself process a whole lot easier! They likewise feature a wide variety of other great ideas for cool outdoor saunas that are bound to suit most any need and budget.

The Shed Sauna

Photo by BZB Cabins

So you might have a shed or small storage space out back that you’re not using. If so, then that’s perfect! And it saves you a few hundred dollars or so. Providing you have the know-how and the necessary tools, why not take hit at creating your very own masterpiece? A shed and a plan are all you need to get started, as long as you are confident enough and consider yourself a DIY architect. Rather than tearing down that old, creaky, unused shed, renovate it into something you’ll savor come wintertime.

The Floating Sauna

Photo by Finmiki

If you’re looking for something a little more rustic in appearance, then this floating sauna is probably right up your alley. This one is made with traditional light-colored wood with its tiny house-like compact design and oval-shaped window. It is a great example of a homemade sauna built from scratch from the ground up. Doing it this way allows you to customize it however you want to best fit your dream. It will be a lot of fun to work, and it will only get better once it’s done and you finally get to take it down steam. Most kits come with a shed plan, but you can also find free plans online to look over.

Smoke Sauna

Photo by Makive.

Besides being able to restore health, mental balance and life force, a smoke sauna is a place of ritual cleansing and an important part of everyday life. As you can imagine, this rustic, multifunctional building provides a completely different atmosphere, and makes it a truly unforgettable experience. If you’ve decided you gotta have one, it’s definitely going to take some time and effort, but it’s completely doable. This small shed smoke sauna is a surprisingly simple luxury to recreate.

Bonus: The DIY Wood Burning Hot Tub

Photo by BZB Cabins

No sauna list would be complete without at least one mention of its close relative, the hot tub, and as far as DIY projects are concerned, this one looks amazing. Saunas and hot tubs are close cousins and while this one is not an easy project by any means, it definitely needs to be mentioned. This design is for the skilled carpenters of the neighborhood who really want to show off what they’re capable of.  Enjoy some tranquil moments without having to make your way to a physical spa. Just find the right backyard space, then purchase the material for construction. If the kit doesn’t come with assembly instructions, there are many online resources that provide information on the step-by-step building process. It won’t be an easy job, but with a bit of creativity, hard work and perseverance, your hot tub will be ready for your next slumber party.

Some of these sauna kits are designed for beginners to help get their feet in the door, so don’t be afraid to browse. You might be surprised that every one of these projects is a kit that either comes with blueprints and lists of materials or ready-to-assemble pieces that are premeasured, so the only limit to your goal is your own ability. But don’t let that impede you too much on your mission; you might be pleasantly surprised by your own ability. 

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