5 Ways To Use Chickens In Your Garden

By Shelley Pierce | July 25, 2016
by Shelley Pierce
July 25, 2016

Many backyard chicken farmers also tend to have vegetable gardens. Did you know that chickens can actually be beneficial for your garden? From keeping insects away to aerating soil, chickens are great helpers when it comes to garden soil.

1.     Pest Control

Chickens love to forage for insects, so they’re the perfect natural pest control solution for your garden. There are a few ways to put the chickens to work. Creating a chicken wire tunnel around the edge of your garden will keep the chickens away from your crops, but still give them an area to snatch up insects. You can also give chickens limited time in the garden itself. It gives the chickens enough time to forage for insects and not damage the growing vegetables.

2.     Nitrogen Source

According to Ohio State University, a single chicken can produce between 8 and 11 pounds of manure per month. That manure is rich in nitrogen, which is beneficial for your compost pile. Combine the chicken manure with grass clippings, leaves and other organic waste. It’s best to not let chickens produce manure directly in the garden. Too much nitrogen can do damage to some plants, such as tomatoes.

3.     Garbage Disposal

Chickens will eat pretty much anything””vegetables, fruit, meat, etc. Instead of throwing away kitchen scraps, supplement chicken feed with the leftovers. The chickens will then turn those scraps into manure, which can be used to fertilize the garden soil.

4.     Weeding

Before you begin planting in the spring, let your chickens roam through the garden. They will pluck any weeds and dig up any weed seeds that haven’t started to grow. It’s a great way to keep chemicals out of your garden and utilize your chicken helpers.

5.     Soil Aerator

Skip the machine tiller and use your chickens to aerate and turn compact soil. Chickens love to scratch and dig up the earth. Fence in the area that will be your new garden bed. You can extend your chicken run to connect to the garden bed location, or set up a temporary run and chicken coop. It all depends on the size of the garden bed and how long it will take your chickens to turn the soil.

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