6 Shed Tricks Gardeners Should Embrace

By Andre Smith | November 18, 2016
Image by Andre Smith
by Andre Smith
November 18, 2016

Gardening in the winter time can become somewhat of a nightmare. Unfortunately, you can’t sit inside next to the fire with your feet up all day, and there are things you must do to stay on top of it. The trick to make your experience an enjoyable one is to take these few steps and follow the tips.

One of the things that can make a big difference is organizing your garden shed. If everything is in a perfect order inside of it, that’s one less thing to stress about. Surely, you’ve already got the basics sorted, now let’s take a look at the things you might’ve overlooked.

Utilize the Back of Your Shed Door

Lots of people have a solid grasp on organizing their garage correctly, but gardeners have one advantage car owners don’t. They can take advantage of the space in back of their shed door, which they don’t seem to be doing enough of at the moment.

Lots of sheds are pretty small to begin with, so attaching a tool rack to the back door saves the much needed space. When hanged on the rack, long-handled tools are way easier to reach without trampling through the shed leaving muddy footprints everywhere.

Stop Hunting Around in The Dark

In order to maximize the amount of space in your shed, you’ll have to install shelves. However, that can cause another problem. Depending on the shelves you own it can become tricky to find things, especially in winter when it’s not sunny and bright all day long.

For those who have lighting inside of their sheds, there is an even better solution. Install open metal shelves, and the light will reach inside and above them helping you find everything you’re looking for. They’re also much easier to keep clean saving you even more time.

Stay Away From Plastic Bins

Shelves are only the beginning, thus any true organizer will make sure he or she has got lots of bins. Once you dedicate a space to storing tools, you’ll automatically know where to go when you need them. Plastic bins are good for laundry but tools require stronger support because of the weight they carry. Plus having to dig everything out before you find what you’re looking for doesn’t help.

If you choose metal bins to sit on top of your open metal shelves, nothing will get lost again and they won’t crack in case you drop them.

Take Advantage of Tool Magnets

We talked about the perfect way to organize your long-handled tools, but what about all the smaller ones? Walk into any professional car garage and the tools will be on the walls attached to magnetic strips.

That makes them easy to pull off and put back on whenever someone needs them. You should do the exact same thing with all of your small, metal gardening tools. They’ll always be quickly accessible because they’ll be within your eyesight.

Build a Small Wooden Ramp

At first, it might take couple hours to build a small wooden ramp, yet it’ll save you almost the same amount of time monthly. When you’re inside the shed trying to gather everything you’re going to take outside you’ll realize you can’t carry it all at once. Going back and forwards is annoying.

Once you build your small wooden ramp, you’ll be able to throw everything into the wheelbarrow and push it out within seconds. If you don’t think you have the skills to build one, you can purchase a basic ramp at a very affordable price.

Hang a Whiteboard on the Wall

In order for your shed to become the base of operations for your gardening duties, you’ll want to hang a whiteboard somewhere. It’ll make your life easier because, once you have the duties laid out, it’ll be hard to forget something. You’ll know exactly when to plant and harvest your vegetables.

Write down the exact days you’ll deadhead and prune your plants. If you try to wing it, you’ll eventually forget to do something important. It’s not worth risking when managing everything is as simple as writing it out on the whiteboard.

Embrace the Opportunity

Gardening isn’t always about finding shortcuts. Sometimes you do have to wait a certain amount of time before things are ready to be planted or picked. Also it’s impossible to control the weather, which can set you back a few days. But when you do find little shortcuts, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of them.

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