7 Hacks That Will Change How You Garden Forever

By Clive @DIYGarden | August 10, 2017
Image by AlexRaths
by Clive @DIYGarden
August 10, 2017

Make gardening a cinch with these 7 easy steps!

Square Foot Gardening

Square foot gardening is the holy grail of poky irregular shaped plots. It might sound like a type of line dance from the 90’s, but square foot gardening is actually an intensive horticultural technique which uses raised beds that are divided into 1 square foot segments. The beds can be adapted to fit into any space, making optimal use of angular gardens which are otherwise difficult to cultivate.

Along with being ergonomically friendly, square foot gardening is also an excellent solution for areas of poor soil. Any potting mix can be used and because the soil sits above ground level, it warms earlier in spring and holds its heat later in autumn, extending the growing season of your plants.

Building the raised bed perimeter involves some labor, but there is no heavy digging involved. Square foot gardening requires less weeding and watering than traditional growing methods, making it ideal for people with mobility issues.

Super Speedy Compost

Composting has many brilliant benefits, but waiting for your pile to ripen is a lengthy process. Even with regular turning, the quickest batch will take 3-6 months to mature. This is down to resilient waste such as hedge clippings, leaves, branches and cardboard which take up to 2 years to break down completely.

However, with the help of a garden shredder, these durable materials can be chopped into tiny pieces. This leaves more surface area for microbes to work on, and helps to distribute oxygen and moisture more evenly across the heap. The result? Super speedy compost!

Create the Ultimate Low-Maintenance Garden

Build a peaceful, relaxing haven without the need for regular upkeep! Brightly painted sheds and benches are a wonderful way to add vibrancy without committing to the regular maintenance required by plants and perennials. Coloured glass and decorative stones are another hassle-free enhancement to lend cheer to your garden.

Lawns involve a huge amount of attention, so eliminating as much grass as possible will save time and effort in the long run. If you still crave a splash of green, artificial grass is the perfect alternative. Choosing hardy evergreens over demanding hedging will also make life infinitely easier.

Deter Pesky Predators

Don’t let bothersome beasts undo all your hard work. Wild animals and strays veer towards long grass and areas of scrub where they can hide and build nests, so removing sheltered zones will help. Eliminate any potential food sources and feed your own pets indoors to avoid tempting nearby creatures.

Is your garden plagued by swooping birds? Hanging old cds from trees and hedges will discourage feathered flocks from attacking your fruit and flowers.

Protect vulnerable seedlings from being rooted up by planting plastic forks in your beds. Spreading citrus peel through your soil will deter cats from using your borders as a toilet.

Rain Barrel Watering System

Plant watering is a time consuming and arduous task, and automatic sprinkler systems are an expensive alternative. Why not save yourself time and money by building your very own water irrigation system?

Working off the principle of gravity, a barrel is used to collect rainwater which flows downward through a hose and into piping that has holes drilled into it. The water then drips from the holes over a period of time, keeping the soil evenly irrigated.

Whack the Weeds

Gardeners with small children and pets may not be keen on using toxic chemical weed killers, and the painstaking alternative of pulling the infiltrators individually isn’t very appealing either. Thankfully, there are a few natural weed killing tricks that will have your yard blemish free in no time.

Prevention is the best cure, and when it comes to nipping weeds in the bud, mulching is your best friend. A simple 2-inch layer of mulch on your soil will block the light that weeds need to thrive. Salt is another effective natural weed killer, especially on concrete paths and paving. However, use with caution around your beds as it could potentially damage the roots of your plants too. Laying edging around your borders will inhibit weeds from taking hold and spreading.

Small Garden Hacks

Stuck for ground level space in your garden? Make use of vertical facades by planting upwards with perennials and fruits. Living walls are a fantastic feature that bring life and color to cramped outdoor areas.

At a basic level, they can be created simply by securing trellises or even pallets to walls or fences and filling them with plants. Hanging baskets are also ideal, as are portable handled planters which can be moved easily.

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