Add Natural Flair with Pool Water Features

By Teo Spengler | September 4, 2018
Image by ClifRock
by Teo Spengler
September 4, 2018

Sometimes that long-awaited pool in the backyard just doesn’t do the trick. Instead of increasing the natural allure of the garden, the new construction looks cold and charmless. To get a seamless addition that integrates perfectly into your garden space, you may want to consider adding some flair with pool water features.

If you bought your house with a pool in the backyard or installed a basic model yourself, you may long for better aesthetics. Since a swimming pool is often the entertaining and outdoor fun center of a home, it’s important that the pool area be more than a bare, water-filled rectangle. You can “dress up” your pool and add to the entertainment value of the backyard with pool water features. No, we aren’t talking about fluorescent inner tubes. Think cascading boulders, rock mountains and diving boulders that turn your bare space into a natural looking swimming pool grotto.

If this sounds more like the backyard you want, then ClifRock can help you. It’s the largest residential water feature builder on the continent and has earned a reputation for know-how in the field. In fact, they’ve even featured on DIY Network and Pool Kings. Using natural materials, the company has a certified installer network that can help you add visual delight to your pool area simply and affordably. Rock and boulder features provide the biggest bang for your buck, and they can work wonders if used artfully. The company’s boulder panel system allows you to build waterfalls, grottos and waterslides with ease. You can use their products when building a brand-new pool, but they are especially wonderful for renovations and retrofitting an existing pool deck.

Does the idea of sitting on a garden bench beneath a picturesque backyard waterfall sound delightful? How about diving into the pool from a diving boulder, or zipping down a slide into a swimming pool grotto? ClifRock’s engineered stone-and-boulder panel system converts a plain-Jane pool into a backyard oasis in no time. When you add water features around swimming pools, you do more than make the backyard natural and esthetically appealing. You add fun too. So “get into the swim of things” and add some natural flair to your poolside landscape with water features.

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