Amaryllis – Easy Care, Brilliant Blooms

By Mary H. Dyer | November 22, 2016
by Mary H. Dyer
November 22, 2016

Amaryllis is the perfect gift to delight the gardener and flower lover on your list.  And while amaryllis makes an awesome holiday gift, don’t forget to treat yourself.  You’ve worked hard all year, too!

Stunning Bloom Color

If you’ve never grown one of these delightful bloomers, you may be surprised at their beauty and simplicity. Amaryllis are easy care bulbs that produce a stunning display of huge living blooms that last well into the New Year, creating a colorful indoor garden throughout the bleak days of winter.

Gardener’s Supply Company offers a selection of traditional red and white amaryllis, as well as newer varieties such as ‘Splash,’ a real stunner with cherry red blooms marked by bright starbursts of white that actually seem to splash from the center of the gracefully curved petals. ‘Ferrari’ produces rich, full blooms of brilliant red.

Caring for Amaryllis

When it comes to caring for amaryllis, there really isn’t much to do. Amaryllis bulbs should be planted pointed side up in good quality potting mix. (Gardener’s Supply makes it easy by providing a ceramic cachepot with each potted bulb, as well as potting mix and Spanish moss.)

Place the pot in a sunny location and water the bulb sparingly until you see about 2 inches of new growth, and then water regularly. You’ll see those enormous flowers in 5-8 weeks.

Provide a stake to keep the tall plant upright, as the gigantic blooms can be top-heavy. Turn the pot every so often to encourage straight, even growth.

Should you still have questions about growing amaryllis, each bulb comes with clear, step-by-step instructions and Gardener’s Supply Company offers free phone and email advice. Amaryllis – a simple gift that will brighten anyone’s day.

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