Anyone Can Have a Raised Bed Garden with a Big Bag Bed Jr.

By Caroline Bloomfield | April 3, 2019
Image by Smart Pot
by Caroline Bloomfield
April 3, 2019

Wishing you could grow your garden in raised beds, but don’t have the space or enough time? Whether you’re a newbie gardener, an old pro or a master gardener, there’s a perfect solution for a beautiful, varied and thoughtful garden that’s so simple it’s hard to believe – a Big Bag Bed Jr.

Unlike standard container gardening, large fabric, aerated raised beds are the answer for gardeners who want lush, productive gardens but don’t want the daunting project of building raised beds. Perfect for small or large spaces, non-BPA fabric beds will change your opinion of container gardening.

Meeting the special needs of your plants

In addition to your loving care, every plant in your garden has specific needs. When planning it out, you have to make a lot of decisions, right? Plants need:

  • Good drainage and enough soil depth to form strong, healthy roots.
  • Distance from plants that aren’t complementary – and room to grow next to amenable companions. Think tomatoes and basil!
  • A location that will provide just enough light or shade for each plant to thrive.
  • A soil mixture that will support and encourage each kind of plant.  

With portable fabric beds, you can easily meet each of these demands without the expense and hard work of building raised beds. But, to be fair, let’s talk about what wood-constructed raised beds require.

The challenges of raised beds

Building raised beds is labor-intensive and expensive. Using pre-treated lumber can leach harmful chemicals into your soil and plant roots. But another consideration is that they’re fairly limited in terms of placement and functionality.

  • First, they need committed space, since you won’t want to move them anytime soon.
  • They need enough soil depth for your plants’ roots to comfortably grow strong.
  • They need proper drainage.
  • They require a perfect location to meet the sunlight needs of each specific crop.
  • They need heavy lumber, a ton of soil and construction skills.
  • And, sometimes you just want to have your plantings a little closer in – like an herb bed near your kitchen door, a rush of fragrant flowers on the deck or balcony, or a lemon tree on the patio”¦

Using fabric raised beds for the garden you really want

Fabric growing planters are stable, lightweight and versatile. They’ve set a new standard in gardening because, when you can place your plants in precise locations, it’s easier to give them the care they need. The depth of these large bags allows deep-growing roots to mature and thrive. Since you can choose a perfect soil mixture for each type of planting, aerated fabric planters can accommodate a prolific garden yield.

Our current favorite for large container gardening is Big Bag Bed Jr. from Smart Pots. They last for years and come in three sizes, up to 13 square feet of garden space. Fabric containers are easy to manage, situate, fill, empty and store. And here’s a surprise – the Big Bag Bed even comes in purple!

What to do with the bags after harvest?

After your successful growing season, empty the bags, fold them up flat and store them away for next spring. It’s that simple. You can amend your ground soil with the used potted soil or, if you’re a year-round gardener, go ahead and plant some winter vegetables. They’re weatherproof!

Dreaming about raised bed gardening? Now you can turn those dreams into reality. Anyone can have a raised bed garden with a Big Bag Bed Jr.

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