BackEZ Ensures Gardening Shouldn’t Be a Pain in the Back

By Bonnie Grant | October 19, 2018
Image by BackEZ
by Bonnie Grant
October 19, 2018

If you have ever shoveled snow, turned your vegetable beds in spring, or used a broom, you will remember the resulting pain in your back. Such activities are a necessary and sometimes daily chore, with the aches and twinges that occur a lasting memory. What if you could use any of your hand tools without bending over? BackEZ is a wonderful product that takes the stooping, bending and crouching out of everyday tasks. You can stand erect and still perform reaching tasks, but without the strain.

The BackEZ ergonomic handle is a perfect way to reduce back strain and make work more productive. It is an add-on handle that will fit onto any standard hand tool, making year-round chores easier and has a special no-slip, comfort grip that keeps tasks from hurting your back or hands. You can add it to a shovel, paint roller, rake, hoe, broom, pitchfork, power washer and more.

There are several benefits from using the BackEZ auxiliary handle. First, it enables you to stand up straight, reducing back strain. Next, the tool is designed with an ergonomic grip. This not only makes it comfortable to use, but allows those with arthritis or carpel tunnel problems better leverage. This is not a handle extender but is designed to go on the handle itself, providing two-handed control of the tool for better grip and lift while allowing you to stand straighter and reduce lower back strain.

BackEZ is simple to install and even comes with its own built-in hex wrench, providing easy on/easy off use on any hand tool. It is adjustable and can slide up or down a tool handle to suit individual needs and personalize for comfort in your range of motion. The handle is also wide enough to accommodate gloves. The durable plastic tool comes in four colors: red, black, yellow, green.

Many of us are familiar with the pain from digging gardens, hoeing weeds, turning compost, etc. Gardening shouldn’t be painful, nor should anything else. BackEZ is useful all year long. It is your helpmate during snowy winters, your buddy while you get garden beds ready to plant, your friend when it comes time to painting high ceilings and a pal during those long leaf raking sessions each fall. You can even use the tool indoors on most vacuums or when removing cobwebs from those hard to reach spaces.

The American Physical Therapy Association states that more than 1/3 of all adults admit that lower back pain has affected their lives. And according to the American Chiropractic Association, lower back pain is the largest cause of disability. It is also the number one reason for missing work and the second reason to visit a doctor. Protecting your back can mean years of pain-free enjoyment and the ability to continue to perform necessary tasks. Using BackEZ can help reduce the risk of back problems and enhance your spinal health.

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