Battery Powered Security Cameras: Keeping Gardens Safe from Wildlife and Vandals

By Teo Spengler | November 28, 2018
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by Teo Spengler
November 28, 2018

Your backyard and garden can seem as much a part of your living space as your living room. So when vandals sneak in without being invited, it really feels like an intrusion. And deer and other wildlife can do significant damage too. If you’d like to keep an eye on who or what is entering your premises, why not consider a battery-powered security camera.

This is a great way to protect your garden from would-be thieves, whether it’s birds pecking at your fruit trees, deer feasting in your corn field, or other wildlife animals rummaging through your vegetable patch.

That’s not all, though. Human vandals can also be problematic, knocking over garden ornaments, trampling prized plantings or even stealing tools and crops. When you’re armed with hidden cameras, however, marauders like this can quickly be stopped right in their tracks.

The reasons why battery powered security cameras act as the best garden cameras don’t end there. There are more benefits on using wire-free garden security cameras.

1. No Need to Run Wires for Your Garden Battery Powered Security Cameras

One of the greatest features with security cameras these days is that most no longer require an electrical outlet – because they don’t run off of electricity. Instead, they come with a rechargeable battery and are totally wire-free, running on WiFi, and can be placed wherever works best for you.

Many also have solar panels that allow them to power up throughout the day. You don’t need to fish power cables from your house to your garden. So, if your garden has limited access to a power outlet, battery powered security cameras would be the best option to keep you garden safe from vandals and wildlife animals.

2. Low-Profile & Can Be Placed Anywhere You Like

Unlike those traditional CCTV security cameras that come with big size like a tank, many battery-operated security cameras are small and attractive. They can be placed anywhere. You can inconspicuously hide a camera anywhere in the garden or surrounding landscape. This means no one will notice it, and wildlife won’t get tangled up in the cords, or chew on them.

Set one up in a tree or near a shrub that overlooks your entire backyard. Attach it to a lamp post to see who’s rambling up the front lawn, or allow it to blend in under your eaves. Hide your camera in a carefully placed birdhouse or conceal it inside another ornamental landscape feature, like a fake rock or garden gnome.

3. Get Real-Time Notifications When Intruders Break Into Your Garden

When an intruder comes to your garden to steal your vegetables, or a deer breaks into your garden to chew your plants, you will get real-time notification so you can check on what’s going on in your garden.

And the battery powered security camera will record the videos for your later playback so that you can see who stole your vegetables.

Take Reolink Argus 2 battery powered security camera (now at 20% OFF with the coupon code: 20Garden) as an example. It comes with a smart PIR sensor, can detect anything unusual and send you app push notifications. You can access the camera to see who and what triggered the alarms and decide what to act.

As you can see, battery powered security cameras are not the huge investment they used to be. Nor are they large and obvious. You can find excellent, inconspicuous cameras on the market that fit right into your backyard without making a scene.

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