Benefits of Fish and Seaweed in the Garden

By Bonnie Grant | October 30, 2017
by Bonnie Grant
October 30, 2017

If you want an award-winning fertilizer that is earth friendly and natural, Neptune’s Harvest may be what you are looking for. The product is the final step in a cycle of life business model. It is made from North Atlantic fish which are biologically broken down into a nutrient-rich plant food. Basically, it is the end result of a no waste program implemented by a seafood company eager to find a way to recycle the carcasses and other parts of fish that are not considered consumable. So recycle they did! The brilliant idea to turn their waste into a useable form of feed has made them the winners of the 2016 Green Business Award. There are also kelp/seaweed and crab/lobster derived formulas, as well as cedar and garlic oil pest repellents, and more.

Synthetic fertilizers are our traditional “go to” when feeding plants. They are convenient, readily available, come in bulk sizes and deliver nitrogen as well as other nutrients. They actually started when U.S. and European munitions companies were looking for an easy way to harvest nitrate. A German chemist found a way to synthesize it from the air and after its use in World War II, the synthesized product found its way to farm fields.

The downside to this one-time miracle product is its effect on the environment. Excessive use of synthetic fertilizers are contributing to a massive algae bloom that is suffocating marine life. It also releases a poisonous greenhouse gas and kills many of the beneficial bacteria in soil. Additionally, synthetic fertilizers are created with products resulting from fracking, a process that releases carcinogens into the air and causes earth tremors, among other effects. Relying upon safe, naturally derived fertilizers could save us a lot of headaches in the future and reduce our reliance on environmentally destructive products.

Most gardeners know about the benefits of fish emulsion fertilizer. Fish emulsions are thick, messy and smelly, but their effects on plants are unmistakable. Neptune’s Harvest uses a process called hydrolysis to break down fish using biological enzymes. The end result is a non-smelly, shelf stable product that delivers nitrogen easily and quickly to plants. Both farmers and home gardeners love the products, and there are numerous plants that will profit from them. These products can also reduce soil compaction, enhance the presence of beneficial bacteria and increase plant growth and production.

You’ll even find several types to choose from – for turf grass, seed starting, tomato and vegetable formulas, insect repellants, soil amendments and more. Each is non-toxic and made from natural ingredients using benign methods. Take, for instance, their Organic Fish/Seaweed Blend Fertilizer, which provides complete nutrition for many plants. It increases natural sugars in fruits and vegetables. It provides stronger color and more vigor in flowering ornamentals and foliage. It also encourages plentiful, longer-lasting blooms.

As good stewards of the land, gardeners are responsible for making earth-friendly choices. Neptune’s Harvest makes a great partner in that endeavor. They have tons of testimonials to the efficacy of their products with photos to prove they really do enhance plant growth. Prize-winning giant pumpkins and green healthy lawns are just some of the amazing results.

There are many ways to add nutrients to plants and soil, but Neptune’s Harvest is a simple choice that will promote an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

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