Benefits of Natural Honey Bee Products

By Mary Ellen Ellis | September 12, 2017
Image by Hershey's Honey
by Mary Ellen Ellis
September 12, 2017

Did you know that bees have more to offer than just honey? This natural sweetener is delicious and packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and many health benefits, but it is just one of the many products that bees make that you can use. From skin care products to pollen granules and royal jelly to propolis powder, there are so many natural honey bee products to try, and retailers like Hershey’s Honey provide a range of these honey bee products that are natural and unprocessed.


Raw Honey is Unadulterated

Not every bottle of honey on the grocery store shelf is the same. Many have been processed and heated, which removes many of the beneficial substances. Hershey’s Honey is different, as its line of raw honey products are the real thing. Their raw honey hasn’t been processed and is packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, probiotics, and enzymes. Because honey has all these important nutrients, it’s a more well-rounded sweetener – unlike that of sugar.

Honey has been shown to reduce inflammation, lower bad cholesterol levels and lower levels of triglycerides in the blood. Raw honey can also lower blood pressure, and when applied to the skin it promotes healing of wounds and reduces the risk of infection. It can even act as a cough suppressant and soothe a sore throat.


For a Nutritional Supplement, Try Bee Pollen

It’s not just the honey that bees make that is so beneficial to health; bee pollen is also good for you. Pollen comes from flowering grasses and trees. It has a greater variety of nutrients than honey alone, including protein and vitamins. Bee pollen can be bought as small granules and can be added to foods to provide nutrients, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, promote a healthy liver, and even reduce stress. Additional benefits of pollen include:

  • Nutrition
  • Anti-stress
  • Increased energy
  • Bone health
  • Brain and mood health
  • Cancer (post treatment)
  • Circulatory and heart health
  • Digestion and intestinal health
  • Immune health
  • Hormonal health
  • Hair, skin and nails
  • Prostrate health


This isn’t all that’s great about pollen – it can also help those with allergies! Bee pollen reduces histamine, the same thing that triggers those nasty allergy symptoms.

Royal Jelly – Fit for a Queen

Royal jelly is a substance that worker bees secrete to feed the queen, so it’s no surprise that it’s special. Royal jelly is water, protein, sugar, fat, vitamins, salts, and minerals. Because of its use in feeding the queen bee, this substance has long been believed to have some magical properties. While it may not really be magical, royal jelly does have some health benefits, including supplying probiotics, boosting the immune system, reducing menopausal symptoms, increasing collagen in the skin, increasing bone density, and even reducing symptoms of memory loss. Give Hershey’s Honey Royal Jelly in Honey a try and see for yourself just how amazing it can be!


Beeswax, Your Skin’s New Savior

Honey is known to soothe and disinfect the skin, making it a great moisturizer, antiseptic, and antibacterial in and of itself. But did you know that beeswax is also good for your skin? It, too, has antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory proprieties to help heal dry skin. Beeswax also improves the elasticity, softness and suppleness of your skin. Hershey’s Honey skincare products are a must have for attaining and keeping that flawless looking skin you’ve always wanted.


Propolis, the Glue Holding it All Together

Finally, there is propolis powder. Bee propolis is the glue that bees use to hold their hives together. It’s made from bee saliva, beeswax, resin and sap from trees. Products such as Hershey’s Honey Propolis are generally a powdered form, but in its natural state, propolis is a dark, sticky substance. One of the most important qualities of propolis is the germicidal factor that comes from the tree resin. Propolis may be effective in fighting bacterial, fungal, and viral infections and in speeding the healing of wounds for this reason.

If you have only ever used honey, it’s time to check out everything else bees have to offer. There are so many natural bee products that taste delicious and are so great for your health at

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