Benefits of Using an Expandable Hose in the Landscape

By Bonnie Grant | July 5, 2018
Image by Crenova
by Bonnie Grant
July 5, 2018

There are few things more frustrating than having to replace outdoor tools after just a short season of use. It is also maddening to have tools that do not perform well and make a simple job harder than it needs to be. Dragging around a garden hose is frankly one of the chores that I hate most, but watering the plants has to be done, so it is a necessary evil. Or is it? Using an expandable hose takes all the pain out of watering and turns it into a pleasure. Crenova has a product that is just right. Their expandable hose and sprayer extends 100 feet (30 m.), three times longer than its original length. When not in use, it automatically contracts for space saving storage.

Cheap hoses can split, their connections fail and they are bulky and cumbersome. The benefits of using an expandable hose are numerous. They weigh up to five times less than traditional hoses, self drain, don’t kink or tangle, and are easy to coil up and stow. The material your new expandable hose is comprised of is important to the life of the hose. The Crenova Expandable Hose has a flexible inner latex tube covered by a durable polyester casing. On top of this is the secret to the hose’s success, a high density woven sleeve. The entire hose weighs just under 5 lbs. (2 kg.) and even comes with its own carrying bag and a hose hanger for optimal storage.

Crenova’s expanding hose also comes with a sprayer nozzle. There are seven spray settings available. These include jet, shower, angle, center, soaker, flat, and a gentle mist. This makes the hose valuable for anything from washing the car to lightly watering sensitive seedlings. There is a pre-fitted solid brass connector complete with a quality rubber washer to avoid any leaks. This metal connector will outlast those made of plastic and is suited for temperatures from 23 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit ( -5 to 50 C.). These wonderful traits are combined with the all-metal construction of the entire sprayer head, which is shielded with a comfortable, non-slip rubber coating. There is also a buckle to hold the trigger for continuous spraying and a waterflow control knob.

Imagine watering way out by the back fence with ease and neatly and easily coiling away the hose when finished. It is perfect for areas which may trip up other hoses because it is more navigable and bends around obstacles with ease. The flexibility and light weight reduce the back-breaking chore of using traditional hoses. The expandable hose makes a perfect boating accessory too, making washing the sides a pleasurable experience. The compact size means you can store it in your car, boat or simply hang the bag by its provided hook on the outside of your home.

Crenova offers a 12-month guarantee and a 60-day money back offer. If you try the hose and find it has a defect or is not your cup of tea, Crenova will refund your money within those 60 days. Crenova products are available on Amazon, with free shipping on orders over $25. Try an expandable hose today and see if it doesn’t make your life simpler and easier.

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