Best Early Spring Flowering Plants to Attract Pollinators

By Caroline Bloomfield | March 28, 2019
Image by Monrovia
by Caroline Bloomfield
March 28, 2019

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”  ~Robin Williams

We all know what spring brings. It’s not surprising that the most spectacular plants always arouse the most attention from our precious pollinators. We humans propagate ourselves, but most plants let the pollinators do their mating for them!

Waiting for an invitation”¦

Birds, bees, butterflies, bugs, wind, water – all sorts of natural travelers relocate and exchange pollen among plants and flowers, keeping our planet colorful and thriving. Hundreds of pollinators are eager to visit your garden and are simply waiting for an invitation. Along with wind and water, airborne creatures are among the movers and shakers that travel nature’s vectors, fertilizing plant after plant after plant.

Welcome the Pollinators!

Winter Dreamsâ„¢ Double Fantasy Christmas Rose

Some of the most stunning and alluring plants attract the best pollinators. You don’t need to wait until warm weather, either. Bees will dip and hover about a Double Fantasy Christmas Rose in early spring. They also love the takeout at the elegant Ivory Prince Christmas Rose, which by the way, doesn’t even mind a little shade. You have to see them to believe how pretty these blooms are.

Time to Wake Up

Tangerineâ„¢ Spreading Lantana

Late winter flowers are almost a surreal experience. Besides being simply beautiful, the blossoms of a fragrant Moonlight Parfait® Winter Daphne deliver a power-treat for hungry, winter-weary pollinators just as your garden begins to wake up. Monrovia’s Tangerineâ„¢ Spreading Lantana, on the other hand, can bloom all year long in the right environment – and the color is a magnet for butterflies.


Consider delivering years of dependable nectar to tiny creatures with the elegant Claremont Western Redbud, another gorgeous early bloomer. Make sure to have some smaller trees put in, too, like the intense Cornelian Cherry Dogwood or white-chocolate-aromatic Box-Leaf Azara. Great for décor around the edges of your garden, they’ll thrive even in semi-shady areas, lending a magical environment for pollinators and the humans who enjoy watching them.  

Carolina Jessamine

Is your garden area in full sunshine? Bright yellow Carolina Jessamine will grace your fence or trellis without intruding on other plants.

High-vibe hummers enjoy dining at white, double Royal Star Magnolia blossoms in early spring. This isn’t the old-time magnolia your great-grandmother grew, but a delicate sweet variety that those speedy little creatures love. Speaking of vibrational experiences, check out the intense color of Monrovia’s Victoria California Lilac, greatly honored in the bee community for its amazing sweet nectar and rich pollen.

Charity Mahonia and Bountiful Blue® Blueberry are also some favorite nectar sources for pollinators, and we probably don’t even need to mention the other attributes of blueberry bushes, right? Take a stroll through your garden paths and munch on some of that juicy blue fruit.

Spreading the Benefits

With perfect rhythm and timing, our diligent pollinators see a well-planted garden as their perfect playground. While your garden’s probably a place where you chill and unwind, it also supports a healthy earth. We honor you for offering your flying guests the best, highest quality plants this spring. And, don’t forget to use a Monrovia gift card to pass along the beauty to others who care enough to provide the hardiest and most impressive treats for our noble pollinators.

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