Best Sprinklers for the Lawn and Garden

By Mary Ellen Ellis | May 2, 2018
Image by Nikki Tilley
by Mary Ellen Ellis
May 2, 2018

Sprinklers are essential tools for developing and maintaining a beautiful yard. For grass to thrive throughout the hot summer months, it needs to get drenched in water regularly. A sprinkler is the right tool for the job, but it can also be useful in watering flower beds and vegetable gardens. To make the chore of watering easier and to ensure you hit every corner of your garden, you need to choose the best sprinklers.

A 360-Degree Circular Sprinkler

One of the best ways to hit all areas of your lawn and garden is to use a sprinkler that rotates 360 degrees. The traditional, rectangular sprinkler that goes back and forth works well, but it is more limited in how and where it hits. With a circular sprinkler, you can set it up based on the size of the circle and even the angle, watering in a half or quarter circle only.

The Gilmour circular sprinkler is a great option for this style. It comes with either a spike or a base, and is easy to attach to any hose. Best of all, setting up this sprinkler is easy. Unlike other, similar sprinklers, the adjustments are straightforward and uncomplicated. You can set it to rotate through any fraction of a circle, for instance, by adjusting the rotating head to the exact shape you want. It’s intuitive and easy.

Controlling the distance, or size of the circle, is also easy with this sprinkler. With others you have to get soaked just approaching it and making the adjustment, but with the Gilmour circular sprinkler you can quickly and easily change the distance with a simple lever that keeps your hand out of the spray. Change it while it’s running, and you don’t have to turn off the water and back on again. In addition, the sprinkler has an on/off button on the base, which is perfect for stopping the water to make adjustments.


Other Sprinkler Tools

The circular sprinkler is a great choice for covering large areas, like the lawn, and it can be used to hit beds as well, but there are also additional tools that you can use for more specific tasks.

A tripod for your sprinkler head or an elevated sprinkler is great for giving flowers or more delicate seedlings a gentle, overall watering. A bubbler is also a great tool for more delicate watering needs, especially if you don’t want overhead watering. It sits right on the ground and bubbles out a light stream of water.

In addition to a circular sprinkler, and these gentle watering tools, there are many other styles of sprinklers you can choose from based on your specific needs. There are rectangular, back-and-forth sprinklers for covering strips of yard, stationary or whirling circular sprinklers, as well as five-pattern sprinklers that let you choose a watering pattern for any area of the yard or garden.

There are so many different kinds of sprinklers these days that there is no excuse not to have the right one, or multiple sprinklers, for every gardening need. For the most variability in range and size, consider investing in a high-quality 360-degree sprinkler, like the one offered by Gilmour.

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