Chairs that Rock – Get the Most of Your Outdoor Space with the Right Seating

By Mary Ellen Ellis | December 22, 2018
Image by Madame Yavi
by Mary Ellen Ellis
December 22, 2018

Surely the joy of gardening is the hard work you put into it, right? That may be true, but it’s also the case that enjoying the fruits of your labor is more relaxing. You have created a beautiful outdoor space, and to enjoy it to the maximum, you need the right seating. An inexpensive plastic lawn chair or camp chair isn’t good enough. To really get the most of your garden and outdoor living area, consider a soothing rocking chair instead. Outdoor rocking chairs aren’t what they used to be – now they’re so much more.

Go Old School with a Front Porch Rocker

Most people these days put much of their effort into the backyard. The best seating, the patio chairs, the chaise lounges and table with umbrella all go out on the back patio or deck. Privacy is good for relaxing, of course, but what about the old-fashioned front porch seat.

It was much more common in the past for people to sit in front of their houses on nice evenings. It was a way to socialize with the neighbors or to be nosy and gossip. Either way it’s a kind of neighborhood and community connection that doesn’t happen as often anymore.

So why not help bring it back on your block with a front porch rocking chair. There are several rocking chairs available for outdoor use. Some are made from wood but are sealed to withstand the weather. These look more traditional but are still comfortable. For a more modern look, consider a metal chair that comes with weather-resistant fabric and a built-in pillow.

Add to Back Patio Seating with Comforting Rocking Chairs

When you aren’t feeling sociable and need your privacy, or when you’re having a party and need to host a large group, the backyard patio or deck is where you want good seating. And outdoor rocking chairs fit back here too. Rattan, cushioned rocking chairs, for example, are great for getting comfortable in the backyard, for you and your guests.

You can even find rocking benches that seat two to three people. For when you have extra people over for an outdoor gathering, keep a couple of foldable rocking chairs on hand. These are comfortable, but they are also convenient, folding up into a size and shape that is easy to carry and store when you don’t need them.

Why Rocking Chairs?

It’s true that you could stick with all stationary seating, but where’s the fun in that? A rocking chair is not just for grandma. These are comfortable chairs that allow you to move and sway as the mood dictates. These kinds of chairs have been around for so long because they provide comfort and can even help you drift off into a nap. You can enjoy your backyard, garden, and front porch without a rocking chair, but this kind of seating takes comfort up a notch and elevates your outdoor experience. Just watch, your guests will fight for the rocking seat when you have people over. And you, too, will find that you gravitate toward one of those outdoor rocking chairs when it’s time to sit outside and relax after a hard day’s work in the garden

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