Choosing and Using Statues in the Garden

By Darcy Larum | March 20, 2018
Image by Happy Gardens
by Darcy Larum
March 20, 2018

Using garden décor, such as statues, in the landscape can make some gardeners nervous. Although, bright, fun garden décor can add a whimsical element to flowerbeds, they can also make a bed look too busy if not utilized correctly. No one wants to end up the joke house on the block with all the pink flamingos. Statuary and other garden décor are generally meant to be accents in the landscape, not the focal point. Garden statues may also be used in somber or formal gardens, as memorials to loved ones or beloved pets who have passed away. Regardless of the garden’s style, the placement of statuary and other garden décor can make or break the design.

More and more homeowners are turning their yard spaces into outdoor living spaces. When you think of your garden as just another room of your house to decorate, the task seems less daunting. You can think of the plants in a bed as the furniture of a room, then add garden statues, stakes and/or spinners as accents, just like you would add accent tables or other décor to a room. Hang matching or complimentary metal wall art on garden or fence walls to make the space feel even more like an outdoor extension of the house.

Finding these accents is easy with Happy Gardens, an online retailer of garden statues, metal wall art, bird baths, rain chains, spinners and other garden décor. Their garden art is handcrafted by artisans from all over the world. They offer a variety of whimsical garden statues, such as animal statues made from large river rocks, perfect for pet and wildlife lovers, and these pieces make excellent gifts too. They also specialize in beautiful metal garden art, such as spinners, stakes and wall art. Many of these are available in designs that have matching pieces. For example, they carry different unique enameled floral pieces available as stakes, spinners, rain chains and wall art, giving you a number of complimentary pieces to choose from.

Happy Gardens also carries a unique line of cairns for the garden. A cairn is a pile or mound of stones that throughout history have been used as a memorial or landmark. Traditionally, cairns were placed on burial mound or graves. In the home garden, cairns are often placed near memorial trees, plants that remind us of our lost loved one or memorial gardens. Cairns are also used as landmarks or markers. On large properties, they can be placed to mark out paths or beds. Other garden statues, stakes and spinners can also be used to mark out paths or bed edges.

Everyone has their own taste and style. When choosing garden statues and other garden décor, you should select pieces that you like or that serve your purpose. The exterior of our home can reflect just as much of our unique style as the interior. Whether your taste in design is whimsical or formal, your outdoor living space should make you, above anyone else, feel happy and comfortable.

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