Choosing the Best Garden Cart for the Landscape

By Darcy Larum | April 17, 2018
Image by Overland Carts
by Darcy Larum
April 17, 2018

Gardening is generally thought to be an easy, relaxing hobby. However, in spring when it is time to refresh rock or mulch in flower beds, set up new gardens, or clean out last year’s debris, it may feel more like a heavy workload than an easy, relaxing hobby. Fortunately, we live in an age of technological advancements, where scientists or engineers are constantly developing new products to get any task done quickly and easily.

Agriculture and gardening are traditions as old as time itself. Since ancient times, mankind has worked the earth to grow crops for survival. Since the invention of the wheel, for instance, we have relied on wheelbarrows and carts to make this work easier. A mural dating back to 118 AD depicting a man using a wheelbarrow was discovered in a Chinese tomb, and it is believed that wheelbarrows and carts were also used in construction and agriculture in ancient Greece and Rome. Wheelbarrows and garden carts have come a long way since then. However, with so many different choices available, selecting the right cart for the garden may be confusing.

These days companies, like Overland Carts, have perfected wheelbarrow and garden cart design to make any garden task simple. Established in 2008 as a sister company of Granite Industries, Overland Carts specializes in electric powered wheelbarrows and garden carts for use in landscape construction and home gardens. With products ranging from electric powered wheelbarrows to electric powered ride-on carts with utility hoppers, it is easy to find the best cart for your gardening needs.

When choosing the best cart for your landscape, you should consider your yard’s terrain and your own physical ability. Hilly landscapes will require different styles of wheelbarrows or garden carts than flat terrain. If you have a large landscaped yard or beds that are far away from the house, a ride on garden cart may work best for your landscape chores. Gardener’s with back problems or other physical limitations may benefit from electric powered wheelbarrows and garden carts.

All Overland Electric Powered Carts offer zero emissions and fumes, rechargeable batteries, quiet operation and a power brake which will hold the cart in place, even on an incline. Overland’s electric drive systems are sealed to be fully splash and rain proof. Each Overland Cart is also made in the USA and hand assembled in Ohio. Overland electric powered carts provide the user with simple yet precise control of the wheelbarrow or garden cart. Their wheelbarrow models have four wheels, avoiding the annoying tipping habit of traditional one-wheel wheelbarrows. Overland’s power dump wheelbarrow model allows you to simply flip a switch to dump the load, creating no strain on your back like traditional wheelbarrows.

Choosing the best garden cart for the landscape need not be intimidating or confusing. You can find a range of different electric powered wheelbarrows, garden carts, wagons, utility carts and accessories at Overland Carts with straightforward information and helpful staff to help choose the best one for your specific needs.

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