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By Shelley Pierce | July 30, 2018
Image by Shelley Pierce
by Shelley Pierce
July 30, 2018

My garden tool collection is basically a throwback to a bygone era full of hand-me-downs and yard sale finds with varying degrees of quality. I’m a much more serious and knowledgeable gardener now than I was when I started amassing those tools all those years ago. It was time to upgrade my existing tools with their higher quality counterparts. With better tools I would be able to cultivate the very best lawn and garden.

I had assessed my soil structure and knew it needed improving. The compacted soil in my garden was preventing water and air from reaching the roots of the plants and preventing water from draining away that pooled on the soil surface. New digging tools, specifically a hoe and a cultivator, would be ideal to address these concerns. My sights were set on tools with long comfortable handles that were sharp enough, with enough heft, in order to cut deep into hard and compacted soils quickly and efficiently. I discovered these qualities and more in the German-made 3-Tine Cultivator & Heart-Shaped Hoe from Garrett Wade. Long European Ash handles, sharp and hefty, comfortable – just what I was looking for. And when used, they made quick work of my toughest digging tasks. And, after loosening the soil around weeds in my garden, the tines of the cultivator were able to easily pull the entire plant out of the ground with roots intact.

The health of plants depends more on the state of your soil, however. Pruning helps keep plants healthy, whether it be removing dead branches, deadheading flowers in your garden or snipping herbs to promote new growth. I really needed a new set of pruners that would cut cleanly – jagged cuts are not good for plant vitality as they are more prone to decay. Given that pruning is repetitive and labor-intensive work, I also wanted the use of the pruners to not cause undue strain on my hands – cutting action needed to be effortless. I also considered a sharp, good all-purpose knife that could be used to cut into gnarly stubborn roots, chop and slice weeds, and prune, etc.

Garden Essential Set

And when you’re doing any sort of pruning or weeding work, you need a set of good puncture-resistant gloves to avoid getting thorns and splinters. Well, you can imagine my surprise when I was presented with the Garden Essential Set by Garrett Wade. With its pair of Italian Bypass Pruners and Japanese Knife, I was able to make sense of my gardening jungle in no time flat with easy strain-free cuts. And with the pair of provided Cut & Puncture Resistant Gloves, I could do my work without the unnecessary ouch! But there’s more – a bonus! It came with a USA-made leather holster to house the pruner and knife at my side, always at the ready!

It goes without saying that plants won’t grow well in the soil unless they’re regularly watered. And, during really hot months, you need to more mindful of watering. In fact, you may need to water more than once a day. I don’t enjoy watering my garden, so whatever products I chose had to make watering hassle free for me, especially if I had to do it more than once a day. I was tired of contending with leaky hose nozzles that give me one jet spray setting when it was supposed to be capable of several more. And don’t even get me started on my lawn sprinkler. Once turned on, it’s difficult to reposition without it flipping over. Its spray diameter is also rather unimpressive. I sometimes forget to turn it off too and end up overwatering my plants.

Let’s cue the drum roll and get out the megaphone. Introducing the Essential Watering Kit by Garrett Wade! The Essential Watering Kit includes a sprinkler sled on wheelsMulti-Shower Watering Nozzle, Analog Water Timer and brass quick change garden hose fittings. The Watering Nozzle features 10 individual settings which allows you to easily transition from jet to spray with decisive clicks around its perimeter ring. The sprinkler sled on wheels makes full lawn watering a breeze. Featuring a 27-foot spray diameter, this sprinkler glides across your lawn on its large plastic wheels, helping you to easily maneuver your sprinkler where it best serves your watering needs. If you know how to use a kitchen timer, you’ll have no problem utilizing the analog water timer. Simply turn to the desired minutes (up to two hours) and it will automatically shut off. No more worries about overwatering and jeopardizing my garden plants!


Tip: Not sure your garden is getting enough water? Put a little cup or can in the soil and once it’s filled with an inch or so of water (from the sprinkler), the garden has sufficient moisture.

With careful deliberation about your needs and making sure you find tools that match your needs, you can ensure that your chosen garden tools will cultivate the very best lawn and garden!

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