The Dawn of Artificial Living Walls

By George Amebae | July 27, 2016
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by George Amebae
July 27, 2016

Natural living walls have always been known for enhancing the ambience of a building. Is that actually true? A lot of people are learning the hard way that there are great hardships which come along with natural green walls which at times outweigh the benefits itself. The most basic factor these days comes down to cost. Green walls may not be as cost-effective as we all thought. Maintenance has to be done by professionals which costs a lot of money. If proper maintenance is not done, “green wall” gets converted to “dead organic matter wall” in a matter of days’ time. Thus green walls are taking a new step in its evolution – the age of “artificial living walls“ has arrived.

No need to worry about the weight anymore

One of the major aspects of designing a natural green wall was to estimate the total load so that the initial structure would be able to withstand it. With artificial green walls, there is no question of weight at all. It completely takes load off the wall surfaces. While natural green walls require trays of soil and peat, its artificial counterpart just requires some light weight grill panels where the replicas can be attached to. It is neat and free of mess.

No more maintenance headache

One of the most attractive features of artificial green walls is that it requires no sort of irrigation. We all remember the complex arrangement of valves and other equipment attached to the wall which aided irrigation. Saying bye to all that itself will help you save a lot on money. It also reduces the stress on the wall. Above all, you don’t have to worry if your plants are getting enough water. You do not even have to remember to water them! The only maintenance would be a monthly cleaning drive just to keep off the dust.

Doesn’t require sunlight

Natural green walls require ample amount of lighting to maintain its quality. That’s right, if you put them up where they do not get enough light, they will tend to become drier and less attractive. They lost that sense of freshness which they are known for. It simply defeats its purpose. On the other hand, artificial green walls can give amazing freshness even in semi-lighted places as its greenness doesn’t depend on sunlight. This advantage alone should make anyone opt for artificial walls.

Highly flexible and simple

There is no installation worries when it comes to artificial walls. Natural walls would take many days of hard work to set up while artificial ones can spring up in a matter of hours. You don’t even need professional help to pull it together. Another advantage is that you can keep switching styles in a very short period of time.

Less expensive

The main factor which matters at the end of the day is always financial. It is estimated that a square feet of natural wall would cost over a thousand dollars to set up. This includes the installation fees, cost of raw material and the design cost. A similar looking artificial wall will only cost a little over five hundred dollars per square feet. Moreover, for natural walls there are cumulative expenses in the form of maintenance which are subject to inflation. Redesigning and replanting costs are also too high to comprehend. These factors make natural walls seem like a waste of financial resources.

Can it really match the natural beauty?

There is still the question of whether any artificial wall would be able to compete with a natural green wall’s aesthetic beauty. While the answer often comes down to personal preference, one thing that we can be sure is that, the beauty of an artificial wall doesn’t depend on its owner. In case of natural walls, it will only look as good as the owner’s responsibility. While a well maintained natural green wall is sure to enlighten the sense of even the dullest of minds, a poorly maintained brown and patchy green wall is a tragic sight which can suck the energy of even the most active of people. Moreover, as technology continues to improve, artificial walls are getting better with amazing shades of green available in different tones and textures.

Bottom line is that the shear simplicity combined with practicality and cost-effectiveness makes artificial living walls a brighter prospect when compared to traditional green walls.

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    Why bother to have an artificial geeen wall? Paint the wall and that´s that. The real thing or nothing. Why is this artical on gardeningknowhow?

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