Deadheading Chores Made Easy with a Pruner

By Nikki Tilley | May 10, 2017
Image by Nikki Tilley
by Nikki Tilley
May 10, 2017

Flowers are one of the things in life, at least mine, which make everything else in this world seem distant. And nothing is more exciting than seeing that first bloom of the season. As the season progresses, however, and flowering becomes ever more popular, you may need to begin deadheading if you plan on enjoying them for longer periods – unless, of course, you like the look of spent blooms in the garden.

It’s no secret that flowers can lose their sought-after attraction as they fade. And as those once beautiful blooms start to shed their petals, seed heads begin to take their place. I suppose if you’re looking for additional fodder for birds or saving seeds for next year’s garden, the energy focused into seed development, rather than the flowers, may be ok for you. But, in reality, most annual and perennial plants will continue to bloom much longer if deadheaded regularly.

Deadheading may be a tedious, never-ending chore to some, including me, but it doesn’t need to be. While I normally snip spent blooms with garden scissors or even pinch them off with my fingers, this is only feasible with a few here and there. Try doing an entire garden after you’ve put it off too long”¦imagine how sore your hands will be. And then there was the Fiskars PowerGear2 pruner.

These hand pruners are actually designed for cutting small branches. They’re not only great for trimming shoots from fruit trees or wayward branches in shrubs or small trees, but are also invaluable for tidying up the flower beds. So long garden scissors (well maybe I’ll hold onto those for quickies here and there). Goodbye pinching and sore fingers. There’s a new sheriff in town by the name of PowerGear2 hand pruners. With a simple snip, snip here and a snip, snip there, deadheading has never been easier! And they’re great for cutting back old, tired growth too. As you work, the pruners seem to naturally move with your hand, not against it, so there’s no cramping to contend with even if there’s a lot of snipping to be had.

While I’ve always been a fan of Fiskars tools anyway, this specific jewel has made my life even easier in the garden where I tend to spend much of my days after work and on weekends. I no longer need to look at the garden in dread if I’ve let it go a bit. My handy-dandy pruner and I will be ready. I can only wonder what they’ll come up with next – and I’ll be waiting in anticipation to find out.

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