Durable GreenBeds: Just the Thing for Square-Foot Gardening

By Mary H. Dyer | October 13, 2017
Image by Durable GreenBed
by Mary H. Dyer
October 13, 2017

If you haven’t tried your hand at square foot gardening (or even if you have), Durable GreenBed has made the process even easier. Square foot gardening is a simple but intensive, super-efficient method of growing an amazing amount of fresh veggies with surprisingly little physical labor, but all that measuring and planning can be intimidating. For most gardeners, the hardest part is just getting started. From that point, it’s a proverbial walk in the park.

How has Durable GreenBed streamlined square foot gardening? For starters, you can assemble a Durable GreenBed kit in about an hour, using tools you have on hand.

You can choose from a variety of sizes and heights to fit your needs perfectly, and whether you’re planting a postage stamp-size yard or a large community garden, not a single inch of garden space is wasted.

Just amend your soil with a bit of compost or other organic matter, divide the raised garden into 1-foot squares, and get busy planting. Before you know it, you’ll harvest a lush, abundant crop of beautiful, healthy vegetables.

Durable GreenBeds are built to last. Unlike raised beds created from wooden boards or metal that need to be replaced every few years, Durable GreenBeds won’t crack, rot, rust or splinter, even under blazing sunlight. In most cases, the beds are still going strong after 25 years or more, but if perchance something does goes wrong, the company stands behind their product.

If you’re an organic gardener, you’ll be happy to know that Durable GreenBeds are made in America too, and they’re constructed of 100 percent non-toxic materials, of which at least 60 percent is recycled. They’re easy on the eyes as well. You can easily stain the beds to match your home, and there’s no need to tuck them away in a hidden corner of your backyard.

So whether you’re just starting out or simply want to get the most out of your square footage in the gardening space you have, why not give Durable Greenbeds a try.

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