Durable Home and Garden Accessories for the Family

By Bonnie Grant | May 25, 2017
Image by Shelley Pierce
by Bonnie Grant
May 25, 2017

We all seek durable products with good value as we shop for home and garden accessories, tools and other household goods. Items that bear the “Made in the USA” logo are particularly desirable, as they help our economy and proclaim our patriotic pride. One company with heartland manufacturing is Simplay3, creating tried and true products that go the distance and offer amazing value.

Their product line includes gardening solutions for both Mom and Dad, as well as a play line for the little ones. All the items are made from double wall plastic. This means no rust, no broken or bent handles, and products that are both easy to clean and lightweight. While light they may be, they’re also quite durable, with a carrying capacity over 200 pounds (91 kg).

One such example is the Easy Haul Wheelbarrow. The well is extra deep and flat to keep contents from moving during transport. It also features a bonus utility cubby for smaller, necessary items as you work about the garden. The handles have two dedicated grips that are easy to use and provide stability during hauling. The engineering of the wheelbarrow includes design elements that prevent tipping and help facilitate tight turns. Best of all, the 13.5 inch (34 cm.) plastic wheels won’t go flat.

Another of the super garden tools available is the Easy Haul Flat Bed Cart. This product is essential to the home and has the added bonus of a removable handle to allow for efficient, space-saving storage. The extra-long handle makes hauling easier on the back, and wheels are designed to help prevent tipping and aid in turning. The cart is useful around the home in a host of situations but is lightweight enough to take on the road camping, to kid’s games or just on a picnic. Other useful products include their indoor/outdoor step stool and the 3 Level seat, one seat that accommodates 3 seating levels (wonderful when you’re going from job to job in the yard, garden, etc.).

The aforementioned products are not only tough and versatile in their use but easy to assemble. And speaking of tough, children need play items that can withstand their vigorous activities. Simplay3 also has a product line specifically for children that display the same tough construction and ease of care that their other home products exhibit.

Consumers make important choices based on economics, need, availability and other factors… like durability. These and other product lines from Simplay3 display the versatility and long-lasting construction that American-made products are known for. So whether you are a parent, a gardener or just someone with a patriotic heart and a need for versatile products, Simplay3 is a company that won’t let you down and provides practical, hardworking solutions for you and your family.

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