Elevating the Style of Your Garden

By Boris Dzhingarov | December 9, 2018
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by Boris Dzhingarov
December 9, 2018

Your backyard can serve many purposes. You can build yourself a place to relax, an entertainment area for guests, a mini vegetable farm, or simply a traditional garden that’s pleasing to look at and enjoyable to maintain. Regardless of what you opt for, there are countless ways that you can build on the look and feel of your garden.

Larger gardens also take a lot of work to maintain, and without enough attention, they can look a little unloved. Strategically building your garden to require minimal maintenance will help keep it looking fresh for longer. In this post, we’ll look at both natural and artificial elements that add value to the space around your home.


When building a pathway, many first-time gardeners will simply dig out the top layer of soil and call it a day. This just means more maintenance when the grass starts growing back and doesn’t really look good to begin with. Instead, opt for a clean, maintenance-free stone or granite pathway.

These days, there are countless different materials to choose from ranging in color, texture and price. Decomposed granite is becoming increasingly popular for its natural look and durability. This decomposed granite guide will teach you everything you need to know to get started.

Natural Shade

Getting the umbrella out every time you want to spend some time in the garden on a sunny day is tedious and unnecessary. Instead, plant some fast-growing trees that provide sufficient amounts of shade. Suitable species include maples, willows and poplars. These will not only keep you cool, but they will also add to the natural look of your garden.

Be Strategic with Your Plants

There are countless different approaches here. You can focus on texture and keep things green, or you can ditch the greenery and incorporate more flowers for a colorful look. If you value getting the most out of your space, opt for a variety of vegetables and herbs instead of basic garden plants.

Don’t forget about pots and elevation. What you choose to keep your plants in makes a big difference in the overall look of your garden. You can also make use of hanging planters and species that grow on trees to add more depth. Decide upon a theme from the beginning to make your shopping easier.

Natural Privacy

If the fencing around your garden doesn’t do a sufficient job at keeping prying eyes out, consider a more natural fix before opting for a completely new fence. There are numerous different plant species that can be grown on a fence that, over time, will create a secluded and natural look.

Once you have the above basics figured out, it all comes down to adding personal touches based on your own taste. From statues and water features, to fairy lights and furniture, your options are endless.

Aim for a mix of visually pleasing elements and utility to get the most out of your garden. Get your green fingers ready and get going!

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