Enhancing Your Patio or Garden with a Porch Swing

By Teo Spengler | April 11, 2017
by Teo Spengler
April 11, 2017

The simple addition of a porch swing turns your patio or garden into a delightful and enchanting area. Anyone strolling through will feel like settling in and staying awhile. Cypress Moon’s porch swings offer the natural beauty of cypress wood crafted into thick slats. These are sanded on all sides and ends to ensure a silky finish and safe, comfortable swing experience, but the wood is unfinished, allowing the gorgeous wood veins to show through. Different subtle stains are available.

So if you’re hoping to make your own backyard feel welcoming and look amazing, check out the most popular swings on the block.


Rollback Porch Swing for Outstanding Comfort

Rollback swings are among the most popular of Cypress Moon’s beautiful porch swings, and it’s no surprise. They are made of the same beautiful, unfinished wood from Louisiana cypress trees as the “Classic” design, but the seats are contoured for comfort.

The slats, each a solid 1 inch thick by 1.75 inches wide, are “routered” to eliminate sharp edges. The design of the seat itself puts comfort first. Instead of the seat attaching at right angles to the back, the slats curve their way up to offer snug, relaxed ease. The slats attach to four solid supports across the back, and four beneath the seat, with quality construction that is evident at first glance. And you can select a model to fit your space. They come in lengths from 2 feet to 7 feet long.

Console Porch Swing for Gracious Living

Another porch swing customers rave about is the Console, and it epitomizes gracious living. The Console boasts the same rolled, contoured seat as the Rollback but adds something special: a “console” piece that flips down to support your drinks or snacks, located in the center of the swing – which can be 5 feet or 6 feet long, depending on your preference.

The console piece is made of the same lovely cypress wood as the swing and, when flipped up, blends perfectly into the seat back. In fact, lots of folk this year are investing in four or five console porch swings to create a fire pit circle. They construct a wooden frame from which they suspend the swings in a circle, then install the fire pit in the center. Talk about a fun and attractive entertainment space!

Swing Bed for Ultimate Relaxation

Forget about those hammocks, which can be downright dangerous by flipping over and tossing out the occupants. For something even more impressive to decorate your home or porch, take a look at the swing bed. Over 6 feet long and 4 feet wide, this is a swing for the ages, and family and friends of all ages will love to nap on its spacious “seat” once you fit it with wide cushions or a twin mattress. The “bed” swing also has a seat back, so it does double duty as a wide couch.

With so many options to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding the prefect swing to enhance your outdoor living space.

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