Five Tips for a Well-Maintained Lawn this Spring

By Kelly Campbell | May 1, 2018
by Kelly Campbell
May 1, 2018

Growing a lush, lovely, weed-free lawn isn’t about doing one thing right; it’s about doing a combination of things right. If you complete one task incorrectly – or skip it entirely – you may increase problems with insects, diseases and weeds.

By using a few key tips from BioAdvanced lawn and garden expert Lance Walheim, author of ‘Lawn Care for Dummies®,’ along with the latest advancements in lawn care technology, achieving a beautiful lawn at an affordable cost can be easy.


  1. Use the right mower. Mulching mowers cut grass into tiny pieces, which quickly break down. The grass biodegrades, adding nutrients and organic matter to the soil. This reduces the need for fertilizer or disposal of clippings. And make sure you mow at the right height for your type of grass.


  1. Grow the Right Grass

Different grasses grow in different areas of the country. Warm-season grasses, including bahiagrass, Bermuda grass, St. Augustine grass and zoysia, usually grow in warmer, more southerly regions. Cool-season grasses are typically grown in cooler, more northerly regions and include fescues, Kentucky bluegrass and ryegrass. Check with your local Cooperative Extension office to learn which types of grass grow best in your area.


  1. Use gadgets to water effectively. Watering deeply and infrequently allows lawns to partially dry out between watering. New tech, such as rain shutoffs, moisture sensors and smart controllers can further save time, water and money.


  1. Fertilize properly. Feeding too early or too late weakens lawns and often makes them more susceptible to diseases. Overfeeding promotes insects and disease, and can cause pollution of local waters. Under-fertilizing can result in a lousy-looking lawn and more weeds.


  1. Apply new weed control technology. There have been major breakthroughs recently in weed control, such as BioAdvanced All-In-One Weed & Feed, which kills weeds, including crabgrass, for up to six months. It also feeds your lawn and features Micro-Feed Action to create a nutritious, resilient root zone environment. Now you’ve got all your weed control products in one, so you don’t have to buy and apply multiple products throughout the season.


For more lawn care tips and specifics on mowing, watering, fertilizing and weed control, visit

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