6 Tips For Choosing Gardening Shoes

By Mary H. Dyer | July 11, 2016
Image by Alegria Shoes
by Mary H. Dyer
July 11, 2016

When the gardening muse beckons, most gardeners don’t give much thought to the importance of footwear and nearly anything will do. It’s easy to reach for the first thing you see, which may be a pair of beat-up sneakers or trusty old rain boots that have been in the back of the closet for umpteen years. No wonder your feet hurt after a day in the garden!

Next time you head out with trowel in hand, remember you – and your feet – will have a much easier time if you take a moment to consider proper footwear. Ditch those rundown sneakers and get yourself a decent pair of gardening shoes, but before you shop, consider the following foot-friendly tips:

  • Comfort and fit: Footwear that fits correctly feels great, and you’re less likely to sport a blister or two at the end of a day of digging and hoeing. It may be cliché, but it’s true: When your feet feel good, you feel good. Alegria Shoes, for example, are designed with structured outsoles that promote perfect posture, along with cork, memory foam and latex insoles that form to the natural contours of your feet. Pure, unsurpassed comfort for hours.
  • Easy off, easy on: Tie-up shoes are fine if that’s what you prefer, but shoes that slip on and off easily are worth their weight in gold – especially when you just need to run out to turn off a sprinkler or shoo the neighbor’s dog out of your petunia patch.
  • Safety in the garden: Flip-flops are handy, but sturdy garden shoes that provide support and keep your tootsies clean, dry and well protected are worth the investment. Consider the soles, too, and look for footwear that won’t slip and slide when you’re slogging around in the garden or walking through wet grass.
  • Easy to clean: There’s no way around it; garden shoes get muddy. They get caked with dust. They take a beating. When you choose a pair of sturdy garden shoes, clean-up requires nothing more than a quick rub down with a damp cloth and they’re ready for another go-round. Again, Alegria Shoes are slip resistant, stain resistant, and some are even water resistant – but all of them are easy to clean!
  • Looks: Nobody sees your garden shoes except you, so why do looks matter? It’s true that appearance may not be of primary importance when it comes to garden shoes, but you may be surprised how much better you feel and how much more fun you have when you’re sporting a pair of shoes you actually like! Consider a pair of clogs, available in nearly every color under the rainbow.
  • Availability: Alegria Shoes offers a huge selection of uniquely colorful shoes, perfectly suited for a day in the garden, stylish enough for a trip to town, and still durable enough for a long day at work.
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  • Helen
    Comment added January 30, 2019Reply

    What a lovely blog to read, and thank you for sharing these tips. Thanks to your advice, I've purchased my very first pair of gardening shoes (solely for garden use only) and they are so lovely. They look like this https://www.webury.com/products/le-chameau-colza-chelsea-women-s-garden-boot and are so colourful - thank you Mary!

  • Brooke McAvoy
    Comment added July 19, 2016Reply

    I appreciate your tips on finding quick, easy, and effective garden shoes. The ones in your pictures are even pretty cute! However, I also need more hardy shoes to wear. Do you have any tips for finding good boots for the more hardcore gardening? Thank you for sharing!

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