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By Teo Spengler | July 1, 2018
Image by Belgard
by Teo Spengler
July 1, 2018

The long, sunny afternoons of summer are the ideal time for outdoor cooking. That’s why it makes sense that the holiday powers-that-be christened July “National Grilling Month.” Of course, grilling fans might assert that any day is a great day to grill, and it’s hard to argue with them on that one.

Grill-styles run from the elemental to the elegant, and any grill master always has a great time firing up their grill and comparing recipes and techniques with friends and family. Belgard, the leader in outdoor living for the patio and beyond, knows that your backyard will come to life
with an outdoor kitchen or grill island – the perfect place to enjoy the company of family and
friends this summer.

Farm to Table

Grilling used to focus on hotdogs and burgers, and there is nothing wrong with sticking with the old favorites. But these days, modern cooks are surfing the farm-to-table wave, growing fresh produce in their backyard gardens and tossing fruits and veggies on the grill that never used to
see the light of day. For those without a green thumb, a trip to your local farmers’ market will yield produce that is in season and perfectly ripe and ready for outdoor cooking. From mushrooms and eggplant to squashes, peppers and tomatoes, everything tastes just a little better tossed in olive oil and roasted over the grill outdoors.

Given the new trends in healthy cooking and eating, it may be the perfect time to get your outdoor cooking area ready to roll. If you are looking for grilling station design ideas, Belgard is a top place to start.

Grills That Fit Your Backyard

Belgard paves the way with a range of designs that will make your backyard the pride of the neighborhood and inspire you to get grilling. Their backyard plans include everything from simple grill islands to gourmet outdoor kitchens.

Lamina Tandem

Grill islands are a little like kitchen islands, a stand-alone workspace for the cook. Belgard grill islands are designed to fit your space and can be built using stone or concrete blocks or the more rough-hewn Lamina Tandem rock for a rustic touch. For a more sophisticated look, check out the chiseled stone of Belair Wall. Islands can be simple L-shapes or they can be custom and angular, following the shape of the gazebo roofline or patio. You can even upload a photo of the area you want a grill island and experiment with various paver styles, shapes and colors to get the
look that works best using the Belgard Project Visualizer.

Tandem Grid

But a grilling station can include far more. Belgard outdoor kitchens are perfect for meticulous cooks who want the same kind of expansive kitchen elements outdoors as they have indoors. These can include sinks, countertops, grills and ovens as well as multiple drawers and cabinets, such as a Tandem Modular Grid Grill Island or Bristol Grill Island.

Belgard-designed outdoor kitchens use multiple angles and countertops aplenty to give you generous space for both prep work and serving. They can also add in bar-style seating to the mix so that the outdoor chef can socialize and grill at the same time.

Whatever grilling station you choose, remember that the idea is to take advantage of the warm summer afternoons and the great produce available. So, gather your family and friends and have a great time.


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