Gardening in Small Spaces without a Garden

By Liz Baessler | May 22, 2017
Image by MapleNest
by Liz Baessler
May 22, 2017

Who says all gardeners have to have gardens? Just because you don’t have a lot of land or a backyard doesn’t mean you can’t have a green thumb. It’s possible to have a thriving green space even if you don’t have any ground at all. All you need are the right containers and a little creativity.

If a spot exists, it has the potential to be a garden. The most obvious spots are flat surfaces. Have an empty space on the floor or a table? Why not put a plant there? Of course, plants need light, and the easiest way to get it to them is to put them in front of windows. What if you have empty floor space or a low table in front of a window, and a planter on the floor won’t be able to reach the light? MapleNest can help with that. In fact, that’s the perfect place for their pots on stands, which are elevated to varying heights, getting them within reach of the sunlight and bringing a great layered effect to your interior design.

If you don’t need to reach for the sun but you still want to make a statement, choose a wild, stylized ceramic head planter or go for an animal theme planter. When space is limited, there’s no reason to keep things boring. There’s also no reason to keep things on the floor. The most important thing to understand when you’re growing in a small space is that the third dimension is your friend. You’re already decorating your walls anyway”¦so why not bring your plants into it? Fill your walls with interesting wall planters to create significant gardening space out of thin air. Or opt for a more decorative alternative with full and half-round circular letter boxes for self-watering succulent or herb gardening – on the wall.

Small space gardening is all about utilizing everything. If you’ve been keeping track, you know there’s one more part of your home you can use to its full potential: the ceiling. This is just the place for hanging planters of all types to maximize the growing space of your home. Hang them in front of windows to take advantage of that extra light the plants below can’t get to. Indoors or outside, no matter how small your space, you can grow houseplants, flowers, or even vegetables with ease.

All it takes is a little planning, a little ingenuity, and the right tools. Give it a try – you’ll be surprised just how much gardening you can do without a garden.

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